If I've Said it Once...

I hate money. Obviously Tyler's school here does too because they're making it as difficult as they possibly can for us to get any. I'm talking about student loans here. All the important stuff in life is going well, but the little things--like a car you can depend on NOT overheating with your baby in the back seat--that stuff could be going better. But we've still got each other (cheesy). Mack is extra fussy this afternoon for some reason. Tyler and I are just taking this whole financial crisis one step at a time. Luckily we can survive quite happily on rice, beans, cilantro and the soup base we brought with us from my mom's food storage. Still no regrets here about moving to Monterrey. We're looking forward to being able to see more of it once we can get around again. Taking it one deep breath at a time.


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  2. Grandpa Porterfield7:05 PM, September 09, 2006

    Sound like things are going smoothly...i'm finally writing because it's an excuse to try out the new imac! It's amazing, I doubt I'll ever buy another PC.

    Kaira, send me your email address so I can have it on the new computer.

    I sure miss you guys, especially Mack! Haven't seen a movie, either.