I Have Brought You Here...

Me and my mentor (she doesn't know it yet), Angela. Posted by Hello
Alright so I went and checked out Angela's blog, and what can I say... I was inspired! I felt her creative aura surround me and then I knew. I knew I had to make this blog.
I am still coming down from a crazy summer. It started with an intolerably cruel job and ended with some amazing sight-seeing. Lucky me! In between it all Tyler and I did find time to adopt a bunny (Name: Snacks), which I loved and Ty wonderfully tolerated. Despite the numorous responsibilities that came along with Snacks (Joke), we managed to visit Virginia Beach, Washington DC, NYC, Baltimore, Raleigh-Durham, Nauvoo, St. Louis, all of Kansas, Williamsburg, and the Mississippi, James and Missouri Rivers. OH! and Richmond.
As for the present, today was Tyler's first day of class at BYU as I continue to druge (is this a word?) on through my own classes with Western Govenor's University. In case you haven't heard, I have a new adorable little neice named Jamey. She was born a week a go today!! YEAH! Today is also my little sister KLOE'S birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KLOE!

Here is new baby Jamey Elaine! Isn't she gorgeous. She doesn't even look a little weird like some other babies do sometimes. Posted by Hello