Morning at the Opera

Mack and Henry enter stage right. Henry holding one large car, Mack holding two smaller cars. Henry and Mack both lay down on the floor with their backs to the audience and begin driving their cars back and forth in front of themselves.
Mack: I'm a fire, a fire, a fire ca-car.
I'm a fire, a fire, a fire ca-car.
I'm a fire, a fire, a fire ca-car.
And I'm a pizza, a pee pee, a pizza car car.
I'm a pizza, a pee pee, a pizza car car.
I'm a pizza, a pee pee, a pizza car car.
And we are the same! We are a pizza and a fire car!
And we are all the same.
Henry: NO! I am a fire car!
An argument ensues. In order to illustrate his point and prove he is right, Mack rolls onto Henry. Henry roars and Mack decides to back off.
Mack: I'm a doctor car the doctor car is coming!
Hey did your engine die? Did it? That is why I am coming.
Henry: No I have an owie. Owie right there, and I have wheels.
That's my engine. No, that's my engine.
Mack: No Henry it is something that rhymes with the letter K K car.
Come on guys football car,
It's nice to meet you again.
FOOT BALL CAR! It's nice to meet you again.
This is my cousin.
It's nice to meet you again.
Henry: No I'm a a king, I'm king! I'm king!
BYE BYE, I go my home.
Henry exits stage right, followed by Mack.

Critics of this morning's opera were left speechless and had only this to say:
"Bu. Bu. Bu."
-Wallace Morley



Mack and Henry have the best conversations.
Today, the boys and I spent nearly all our daylight hours at my Mom's house. I was sorta working on Christmas gifts, Mack did 'homework' in his preschool workbook and Henry built towers while attempting to eat his weight in cookies. Wallace mostly cried because he doesn't feel good (he's got a cold), but when he wasn't crying his was flirting with his Granny and Aunt Kloe.
After family night, we came home and Tyler put the two older boys in the bathtub.  After they'd been in the tub a while, Mack let out an enormous toot in the water. Henry turned and asked him very seriously, "You pooped?"
Mack answered him, "No, I tooted."
"You tooted in the water?"
"Yeah, under the water."
A little while later Mack leaned back in the tub and sighed, "Ahhh. This is the life."
Toddler potty training underwear-- y'know the kind that's really thick and absorbent-- should not be sold in packs of three. It should come, at a minimum, in packs of at least TEN.


Let Me Entertain You

Mack was in a particularly musical mood this morning. He was walking around with his little Primary Songbook, singing away. I was lucky enough to transcribe a little of what he was singing. You're just going to have to imagine what the tune sounded like, but I can tell you the last one was a little bit like a rap.

A grown up can help you with that,
Two grown ups get baptized
sho-di-do, sho-sho-di-dooo
You have been taught by these later days.
Bridge: Lots of nonsense word singing
You have been taught when Jesus was born
We have we know about Jesus was born and food friends too 
and back then...

Break to talk about his "food friends" (these are imaginary friends he has named after different foods. Like Pancake, Cupcake), apparently they were born when Jesus was born. They are a family and the food family grandparents live far away from here. "Pretty sad, huh?"

They have been taught by latter-days
Children were gathered around Jesus,
They don't know why.
Oh di-do-di-do.

I asked Mack if he wanted to sing somemore. He said, "Actually when everyone gathers up in a big circle. But you can't be in the front, I am."

By these latter days 
I have been to church.
On day of days
If I had been to the temples.
You are
the odi modi
And you are in the sky.
If you go 
on a trip 
You know 
on a whip 
you only know the odi-do.

Now he says he'll sing for me some more when I come to the big circle in his room. Gotta love this kid.