Good-bye Cruel World

So I'm shutting down this blog, or at least not posting on it anymore. Try not to be too disappointed. I've given this alot of thought. I've noticed as of late the singular nature of my blog and I didn't like it. Everything I do revolves around my family--immediate and extended. I didn't like the idea of a blog JUST ABOUT ME. It has to do with having the right priorities in life and working forward. Basically, Tyler and I are starting a new blog. We're both going to post on it about what's going on and (if the world hasn't come to an end by then) someday our kids can post on there too, you get the idea.
So in that light you can check out our new family blog,
The Thompson Tribune.


  1. Fine, shut it down, but just keep giving me pictures of my grandson!!

  2. Smart Choice
    love you

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  4. Hello. And Bye.

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