Tyler gets back tomorrow afternoon from Thailand!! I'm so excited. I've already 'spring-cleaned' our room twice and made him a big "WELCOME HOME" sign with lots of hearts on it. Awww. However, I had to put it all up on the bathroom mirror because that's basically the only empty space we have. Cozy right? Ty emailed me about an hour going saying that he'd arrived in Taiwan by the skin of his teeth due to the crazy lines through customs to leave Thailand. What do they care who leaves? I expect Tyler to arrive in San Diego tomorrow around 3pm but he might be able to get a earlier flight. Keep your fingers crossed.
In an unrelated topic, I had dinner tonight with my parents, my Grandpa Dick and his wife Jane. Happy 71st Birthday Grandpa! It was very fancy and delicious and a great way to pass the time waiting for my Tyler to come home safe. I can't wait!


Big Deal

I have such good excuses for not posting that I literally AMAZE myself. WOW. I am good.
No really I've been putting it off because I don't know how to work the scanner, thus no pictures of the baby's ultrasound on here. oops. By the way... its a BOY. First name: Mack. Middle name: Burdette. Last name: I'm not going to write that on here because I foolishly believe I can keep people from being able to track me down on the internet. ahHA! For those of you that are thinking to yourself "hmmm, Burdette? That's a strange name...." You're right, it is. It's Tyler's middle name, his dad's middle name, and his grandpa's first name. Beat that!
Christmas and all the other Holidays (New Years, Kwanza) went really well. Tyler got me new "Sunday Shoes". He picked them out all by himself without any help from me and they're absolutely beautiful. He's the best. Plus we got a ton of stuff for little Mack. "Way to go son."
Tyler left on Sunday for Thailand for two weeks. He's doing an internship/class/consulting job with a company in Bangkok. Yes--I miss him very much. No--I don't want to talk about it. YAAWWWNNN! Would you look at the time?! I better go sit in my room and knit and watch mindless tv. Just keepin' it real.