Small Things

Today I like small things. I like small cameras, small feet-- you get the idea. Now I'm not always in a "Small Mood", but today I am. I especially like myself small, considering that yesterday I discovered I'd lost 3 more pounds. I'm not going to say where that puts me, but I'm happy with it for now. In fact, I think I'm REALLY happy since I technically didn't even exercise. I AM happy.
In other small news. I added a few links over on the side. My friend Jill from high school started blogging so I put her up, plus a few more sites that I frequently enjoy. You don't have to like them, I do. Isn't the internet great!
Tyler and I have taken a TON of pictures lately that I would love to post on here, but I'll try to take it easy and just stick to the highlights.
Mack recently went in the big boy pool for the first time. No crying here! He was very interested in the way his hand looked above the water vs. below the water.
Here's our boy! Buckled up and ready to go. We had an empty seat between us on our flight up to Seattle and decided to take advantage of the 'kodak moment'. In Mack's crusade to disprove negative baby sterotypes, he stayed on his best behavior the entire flight. I guess we can add flying to the list of things Mack loves to do.
Mommy and Mack in downtown Seattle to pick up Daddy's birth certificate. Some goober gave us bad directions and we ended up walking all over Chinatown and Pioneer Square. Neither of which, by the way, are anywhere near the Admin building.
Lastly, I love Big Mack's small morning nap, which gives me the chance to update my blog.
P.S. I packed up Mack's 3-6 month clothes yesterday. He's now offically in 6-9 or 6-12 month clothes!


I Just Can't Hide It!

I'M SO EXCITED! DANNA ALLEN (my high school bff) AND DAVID RIDGE (my ol' neighborhood pal) ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!! Ahh! I'm excited and so happy for them! In fact I think Tyler is getting a little sick of hearing me say "I'm so happy for them". He just looks at me with a I-Know-That-Look saying "You just said that." It's cute. I wish I had a picture of Danna and a picture of David that I could post on here together with a big heart around them. Ahh amore!


In the Middle of Our Street

We made it. On Tuesday I woke up at 1:30 in the freakin morning, fed Mack, and got ready for the longest day of my life. Around 3am we left for LAX and our 6am flight. I'm tired again just thinking about it. Everything turned out alright. We were able to check our carseat with no worries thanks to the 'carseat-bag' I fashioned out of some old animal print fabric my mom had lying around (I know, very stylish). After our nonstop Alaska Airlines flight landed us safely at SeaTac we headed back to Ty's folks house. For anyone who doesn't know, Ty's parents recently sold their house in Bellevue and are moving to a new neighborhood in Renton. This is sorta our "Goodbye House" trip. After Mack's morning nap we went and visted both of Ty's sisters and Mack's cousins.
Yesterday, among other things, we did the customary trip to Ivars on Lake Washington. I love that place. Yummy.
As soon as Mack wakes up from his nap we'll be heading into down town Seattle to pick up Tyler's birth certificate (We need another copy for his student visa). After that we'll do a little sightseeing, then head on over to the Ballard Locks. Word around town in that the salmon are really running right now (do you like how I threw in a little fish lingo there). I think the Locks are really neat-O. We head back down to San Diego on Saturday and then it just two short weeks until Tyler leaves for Monterrey with Mack, my Dad and I to follow a few days later. Down to the wire my friends.
P.S. Mack rolled over FIVE times in row yesterday!


Warning: Wordy Post Ahead

I never give blow-by-blows so I thought maybe I could get away with it just this once. Busy day.

  • 1:30am: (Is this too early to count as the start of my day?) I awoke to a crying baby, nursed him and went back to bed around 2am (note 'bed' not 'sleep').
  • 5am: (Again, too early?) Woke to Tyler giving crying baby binky. Lately Mack has been rotating between waking once or twice a night. Turned out to be a double feature evening. Funny thing, after eating this time he didn't want to go back to bed so from about 5:30 to 6:15 he just laid in his crib, cooing at his mobile and stuffed sock bunny. It was so cute. How can you be upset about not sleeping with a baby like Mack?
  • 7:30am:Woke up and fed Mack (1/2 hr later than usual due to 2nd feeding making me very tired). I checked the latest news on Lebanon, showered, got dressed, and ate breakfast.
  • 9:30am: Again, feed Mack. Then leave for Mexican Consulate in downtown San Diego.
  • 11am: Arrived at Mexican Consulate. After wandering around outside for a minute a middle-aged man asked us if we were there for a visa and directed us in thru the VERY uninviting barred metal doors "up to the second floor, window one". The Mexican Consulate was different than I expected. I didn't think it would be nice but, it is a representation of their government and country. You'd think they'd like to make a good impression at least. I'd say it was about 3 steps down from our DMV. Another surprise-- Nothing was in English. Signs on the bathroom telling you to accompany your children ect, all in Spanish. Now I don't know for sure, but I assume that the American Consulate in say, China! has signs in both English and Mandarin. Hey, I guess that's where we're different. Everyone inside was absolutely in love with out little blond, blue eyed baby. As I walked by people would literally reach out to touch him. No joke.
  • 11:40am: Left Consulate and walked around Little Italy.
  • 12:00pm: Arrived in Balboa Park and found a place to Nurse Mack. It happened to be free Tuesday (had no idea) so we visited The Timken Museum of Art, The San Diego Museum of Art, The San Diego Institute of Art and The Mingei International Museum. Whew! At The Mingei they had an exhibit on differnt costumes from different 'carnivals' around the world'' (my fav). At The Art Institute they always display local art (Ty's fav).
  • 3:30pm: G0t home. Fed Mack. Found killer deal online for play pen. Cleaned kitchen.
  • 5:30pm: Yep, fed Mack again. What can I say, he needs to eat. Checked blogs. Read AAP book on infants (aka: educated myself). Gave Mack a bath.
  • 8pm: Mack nursed, got a final diaper change, had story time and then went off to bed.
  • 9:19pm: Wrote blog. And now I'm going to go find some lunch/dinner. Good Night.


Summer Lovin'

Mack rolled over today for the first time. He went tummy to back. He spent the rest of the day sleepy and fussy. I guess rolling over is hard work. Cutie!
Lately Tyler and I have been busy preparing for our upcoming move to Monterrey, Mexico. There is alot to do, and we still haven't found a place to live yet. I am confident that everything will turn out alright in the end.
Fourth of July was good old fashioned laid back fun. Here's a photo for proof. Wishing many happy summer nights to all!