Remlinger Farm

We went. We ate lunch. We had fun.
I'm not sure what else to say, it was great. The boys had a blast.  Mack and Hank are at a great age to take places. Mack doesn't mind waiting in line and is so grateful for everything. If you want to do something nice and then be told what a great person you are for doing it, he's your man. I bought him some socks for Church a couple days ago and he couldn't thank me enough. Hank is great because he'll do just about anything with big goofy smile on his face, all while wearing a train conductors hat. He still wears diapers but doesn't need them changed constantly. He'll eat almost anything, so I don't need to bring special stuff for him while we're out, and he loves following around his big brother.  I know soon we'll have another little person with us, who won't be of such an easy going nature. I'm going to have to find benches to sit and nurse on and change a diaper every 2 hours like clockwork. I'm going to get puked on and the boys are going to feel a  little neglected sometimes. Of course there will be lots of good things too, like all the extra snuggles AND I'm of the persuasion that babies are just great overall no matter what. But just two boys right now is pretty great too.
On our Way

Riding the Horses

On the Train

Baby for Now...

A Roll in the Hay



What would you do with one day in New York City?


Hair Cut

A little while ago (I'm really bad with dates lately), Mack got another hair cut. I only cut his hair about every 6 months so it's really big deal around here (Oh, I remember now, we did it the 2nd or 3rd weekend of September!). The plan was to give both boys hair cuts, Mack first and then Hank. Henry's 1st haircut was when he was pretty young--I buzzed his head really short--and it didn't go really well. The plan was that Hank would see how well Mack did and then be okay with it. Well, the batteries on our camera died before we could start Henry's hair, so he's still waiting for his trim. But here are some before and after pictures of Mack...


Mack and Hank are supposed to be taking a nap right now. Instead, they are giggling and playing a game they made up. The game basically goes like this:
  1. Mack sits up in bed and covers his head with a blanket. 
  2. Hank stands up in his crib and covers his head with a blanket. 
  3. They both giggle like a couple of girls and then Hank plops himself down on his bottom.
  4. I tell them to quit playing and go to sleep.
  5. Repeat.
I haven't figured out how they determine the winner yet, but I'm guessing it's not me.
They're two very cute guys, but seriously now, go to sleep! I'm stuck upstairs at the computer until they do, and I'd really like to be doing other things right now.