Ironically, classes in Mexico are alot more difficult than in the United States. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it is taught in Spanish. I'm learning all the business lingo in Spanish...on top of the new business concepts. Well thats thats the school update. Mack is learning new things everyday. This morning he passed his binky from one and to another....which is a big deal. So. He likes to eat...he doesn't care what it is. Also I'm teaching him to be left-handed. There is a strong demand for left-handed pitchers in the major leagues so I'm doing it for him. He seems to favor his left anyways, I'm just pushing it further. He'll thank me later. Did anyone catch the Seahawks game on Sunday? It was over by the end of the first quarter. Next up: the Chicago Bears. Yeah I know what you're thinking...a good defense beats a good offense. Well think again. The 'Hawks recently signed Deion Branch to complement an already intimidating receiving corp (Burleson, Jackson and Engram). The MVP is out but keep an eye on Mo Morris. He's better with a 4 WR set and is also a better receiver than Shaun. Don't worry...the Hawhs will take 'em.

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  1. ha! This post was funny to me because I started reading it assuming it was fern. I was really confused for a minute and thought, "wow, this totally sounds like tyler. He sure is rubbing off on her. Since when does fern care/know so much about sports? and why is she learning buisness lingo in spanish before she can speak normal spanish?" Anyways, glad to see it was really you posting tyler. Class in spanish really would be hard...especially at the level that you're at. You know, Mack may thank you for helping him with baseball, but he's going to be upset when he realizes you have imparied his ability to operate can openers, scissors, 'normal' guitars and 'normal' desks in school. I suggest maybe teaching him to be ambidexrous. Well, this is a long comment...until next time!