Feelin' Groovy

First, I love that I can update my blog from any computer! How neat is that? I can sit at any computer and tell you that life is good. In fact, it's currently birthday season at the house which means that Kody is now 16, Kyle is 18 and Kerin is a whopping 20 years old!! On Friday Karly will turn 14. Everyone is at such great ages.
I spent yesterday shopping with my mom after a complete "I-have-nothing-to-wear" break down on Sunday. Technically I don't have any real maternity Sunday clothes. I've just been making do with what I have by strategically layering or the like. Before church my whole system fell apart--I've outgrown all my old clothes. I ended up in my mom's wrap-around skirt with a t-shirt and brown zip-up hoodie. Sheesh. An intervention became completely unavoidable when my Dad leaned over to my Mom in Church and told her to make me "something" to wear. Anywhoo, the shopping trip to Old Navy and Yardage Town was a huge success! THANKS MOM!
And since my ankles weren't quite swollen enough from all that shopping...I decided to tie-dye some onesies and a bassinet sheet for little Mack. Everything turned out much much much better than I anticipated. I will even go so far as to tell you that it's all EXTREMELY CUTE!! HOORAY FOR ME! My mom also tie-dyed a pillow case, Kloe did an apron and Karly did a t-shirt. Tyler thinks everything is adorable, and I'm convinced Mack will be the coolest kid on the block! MERVEILLEUX!