Oh what a night...again

Mack got up last night at 12am and 4:30am. Now, 4:30 is just too late for him to eat usually because he eats and then won't go back to sleep. Tyler and I fought with him until a little after 5 when I finally caved in and fed him (You can save all your "the baby should eat when he's hungry" crud. He's a baby. He doesn't even notice when he's pooping! Plus, trust me, this boy eats PLENTY.) After he ate I couldn't get back to sleep so I was up window shopping online for a while until 6 then decided to try my luck with Mr. Sandman. Nope, no luck. I was up until my alarm went off at 7:10. Mack was still asleep and since he'd been up so much I decided to let him keep sleeping and FINALLY fell asleep myself, and slept til 9:30! Ty says Mack didn't even notice I was gone when he woke up at 7:30. He just had daddy time til I was awake. How considerate!? What a night. Plus, I have this HORRIBLE pain in both my knees. I don't know if it's the humidity, the cement floors or the pregnancy hormones still wearing off but it kills. Does anyone have any possible insight as too the origin of my mysterious pain? Help?


  1. hey, do ya know how much Mack weighs now, aproxamately?

  2. hi fern. does this work yet?

  3. whoa! I think my comment just posted. Wahoo! Well, I feel like I've been cut off for a long time. Mack is adorable. I have no idea about your knees. Usually humidity just effects areas that have been broken. Or maybe that's a wives tail? I would definitely suggest making Tyler carry you everywhere.