Remember the Alamo!

We saw the Alamo last weekend! That's right, the real deal. That's one more thing I can check off our "To See List" (right after I make the list). I vaguely remember going there as a little girl and standing out front. This was a very neat/interesting excursion for our little family, I just wish Mack was old enough to remember it. In case you didn't know, the Alamo is free. Thank you Daughters of the Republic of Texas! In one of the side courtyards there was a man telling the story of the Alamo. He was very compelling and I now feel I can relate a little better to people being so proud to be Texans. Now, I'm wondering just how Texan I am? My Great-Grandma Dot was from Texas and my Grandma Judy was born there...Mom, Dad, do you have anymore information for me?

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  1. You Grandpa Copes family is very Texan(sp?). They moved there in the 1880's, maybe earlier. They lived on the Chickawa Reservation along with other places and the main family moved away from Texas around 1910. There is still a large group of Cope's there and even a town called copevill or Copeland. I can't remember which. Grandpa Mother's family is also from Texas. Their families lived there about the same time. The family members that mainly stayed in Texas were those who didn't join the church.