My Grandpa

I'm not very good at writing tributes. I just end up going round and round in circles, making no sense and in the end, cutting it short. I would either write too much mumbo-jumbo, or never really explain how I feel. My Grandpa passed away recently and my Mom put a wonderful tribute on her her Blog. I can't possibly top it, so I won't try. My Grandpa Dick is a really good Grandpa. I can't quite write about him in past tense just yet. He's not really 'dead' just moved on to a somewhere new. I love you Grandpa, we all do.



Earlier this morning, as I went to put Wallace's laundry away in his room,  I discovered how my "little guys" had been occupying themselves. While I had been busy folding clothes, Mack and Henry had taken advantage of my absence and removed all the rings from one of our stacking toys and instead, stuck them on Wally's arms and legs as if they were bacelets. Without looking, I instinctively told Mack and Henry to stop it, but Mack protested that "Wallace likes it" and Mack was right! Wallace and Henry both had silly little closed mouth grins on their faces and now Mack tells me this ring stacker thing is "Wallace's favorite toy."