Mack does not like water. He won't drink it from a cup, or a sipper, or a bottle. Babies typically like stuff that their mom eats and I 'eat' a ton of water, but I guess that doesn't mean squat when it comes to water. Sometimes he can be tricked into drinking some if he's given it in something completely new, but then he figures out that its water and won't put the darn thing near his mouth EVER AGAIN.

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  1. haha! i get the joke with Mack being the Blog Adminstarter! ffuuunnyy! he is ADORABLE! ok so i llooked at the sight and got a shocker i thought that mack had started crawling, because u changed the little baby for the 1 year countdown and then tyler's thing is titled its aboout time. then i realized that he should prob be older 2 do that. ya so all in all im a dofus. : }