Tacos For Sale

There are two little places in our neighborhood we love. One is a little store that sells the BEST homemade tortillas and delicious green apple soda. The shop is run by this little old lady who absolutely adores Mack (of course). The other place is a taco stand. I don't know if it counts as a stand because its actually permanent. It's basically a large outdoor stove with a counter you can eat at. The lady there is also very nice. She sells chicken, pork, and carne asada tacos (with homemade tortillas) for about 5 pesos a piece--which is less than $0.50! As Kerin would say... "DELISH!"
In fact, Tyler is out picking up some of those (now) famous tacos as I write. We're all out of bread and milk a bunch of other staple food stuffs, we'd go to the store and pick them up but we were planing on being in Texas today to deposit our loan check ect. Unfortunately we had a little car trouble yesterday. Something is wrong with one of the fans or the radiator or something because it keeps overheating. A mechanic recommended by some one in our ward is on his way over right now to check things out.
The most important thing to happen yesterday is that Mack had his first taste of rice cereal. HE LOVED IT! I made up about a tsp with water and he couldn't get enough of it! After the first bite he practically lunged at the spoon, and when it was all gone and put the bowl on the table he got angry with me! It was too cute! Later today Ty is going to give him some more and we'll probably stick with just the cereal for a couple weeks before we try veggies next. It's all very exciting!



"The capital of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey rests in a valley surrounded by the jagged Sierra Madre mountain range. The distinctive Cerro de la Silla (Saddle Mountain) provides a dramatic backdrop for a city that blends the old and new, industry and style, tradition and efficiency. The downtown area features magnificent plazas and gardens highlighted by a pedestrian mall to the west and a historical district to the east.
In December 1999, Fortune Magazine touted Monterrey as "the best place to do business in Latin America." That is why many domestic and international corporations are located here, making for excellent internship opportunities.
Located in northeastern Mexico, only 174 miles south from the Texas border, Monterrey is the third largest city in the country. Even with its large population, it is one of the safest cities in Mexico.
Population: 3 million
Weather: Hot summers (28*-35*C/ 82* -95*F ) and cool winters"
--Study in Mexico


We ALL Made it!! (thanks Dad)

First: Finish reading The Jill Carroll Story. Some people have told me they were confused at the sight. You go over the right and start at the begining. After that, check out THIS. Trust me. It will make you smile.
Now that that's out of the way... Yep! I'm in Mexico! Things here are very very different. Somethings are worse (ie: the slums on the hill) and some things are better (ie: our Wal-Mart and Soriana). Soriana is this AMAZing grocery type store. Their bakery/pastery section is unbelieveable. Plus they have all these novel (to me at least) types of produce--such as an entire section devoted to different kinds of peppers. I could go on and on about Soriana's (they sell a TON of gouda by the way). Our Wal-Mart blows any stateside Wal-Mart out of the water because of one simple fact and that is that they MAKE handmade (is that redundant) tortillas right there were you can see them do it! Flour and corn, it just depends when you're there. Personally, I love the flour ones. I still haven't found someone who will bring toritillas to our house but I haven't given up yet either. I know they're out there somewhere.
Speaking of our house... It's ridiculously ugly. So ugly that it's cute. In an ugly little man sort of way. Where to start? Our entire place is tiled--tile which is of course, ugly, and flows seamlessly out our front door to where we park our car. Inside there are oh-so-lovely peach curtains on everyone of our large, barred windows. I worried at first about what we would do if there was a fire with our windows being barred and all. But then Ty reminded me that the entire place is built of cinderblocks and each room also has a door leading outside. We have a living room complete with futon, a dining room with a table, eight chairs, and a china cabinet (oh yeah, there's china in it). The kitchen has no windows, a tiny fridge and gas stove that must be lite with matches. I admit I was nervous at first, but I've gotten the hang of it. We have a closet that is shaped as if it were under some stairs (there are no stairs). This closet is tiled and has a towel rack, a soap dish and a toilet-paper-holder-thing. Fun. Our actual bathroom has a gate on the outside of the door that slides along the hallway to either open or close (this all sounds crazy). In all, our home lacks no character, only carpet.
I like living here. Today, Tyler, Mack and I took ourselves on a walking tour of downtown Monterrey and checked out a large Mall nearby (to get out of the heat). Peanut Butter is expensive here and they don't sell plain Amonia (for cleaning). The roads are confusing at first and everywhere we go people ooh and ahh over little Mackers, who takes it all in stride. He doesn't seem to mind the heat one bit and continues to be very laid back, just like his dad. Instead of eating this morning he decided to tell me a story. He's learning new sounds and wishes he could crawl. I think he might be bored with his bouncy chair and we're considering getting him a good ol' fashioned walker (deemed too dangerous in the States, but they sell a bunch down here). I don't know if this post has made any sense, but I'm sure it will all become more clear in the coming weeks. We've been so busy lately. I'll be sure to post some more pictures soon.

To hold over anyone who happens to look at this ol' blog of mine...Here is the picture that first enticed Tyler to check this place out.


I Don't Have the Time

I don't have much time (I have so much left to pack! It's that little clutter stuff left when everything big is gone that leaves me scratching my head.), but I have been following along with this story and I think people should check it out. Jill Carroll Story
Tyler is having quite the adventure in Mexico! He's had two run-ins with local "law enforcement" and has managed to find us a place to live. That's all I have time to write right now. Have a GREAT day everyone and my next post will be from Monterrey!



There are good hebejebes and bad hebejebes.
Last night we were all sitting around the fire out back roasting s'mores when i noticed a big fat spider crawling across my stomach. I had a freak out and brushed it off (I thought). A few weconds later I felt a tickle inside my shirt and looked down to see the same big fat spider crawling around in my bra!! I freaked out and tore off my top shirt so that I could get to the spider easier as I jumped up and down yelling "GET IT OUT TYLER!!! GET IT OUT!!!" I think I flashed half my family trying to hold open my bra and ect. so that Tyler could brush the spider out. Bad hebejebes.

Last Friday Tyler surprised me with tickets to WICKED!! The shows in San Diego are supposed to be completely sold out, but Ty found a great deal online. It was AMAZING! If you have the chance to see it, see it. It was by far the best show I've ever seen at the Civic Theater, maybe ever. Tyler arranged the whole evening. He got Karly to babysit, found a place to eat before the show and figured out all the directions, everything. I just had to show up. What a great guy! It was probably the last date we'll have for a while. I don't know how comfortable I'll be leaving Mack in Monterrey. Anyway, Wicked was a blast. I loved the music and and the show is non-stop. Scene changes are seamless and i never thought once to check the time or see what scene was next. I loved all the little twists on The Wizard of OZ. We had a great evening--eating out, walking around downtown, taking in a show--it was a real night out. Good hebejebes.


Mission Nearing Acomplishment

Tyler and I have been getting alot done lately pertaining to the move. His Visa and Apostille stuff is all finally done, the loan is almost done, and we've got two apartments lined up for Ty to look at as soon as he gets down to Monterrey. Okay, I have a confession to make...Tyler pretty much did all that stuff I just named by himself. BUT, I fully supported him during each step. That's got to count for something right?
Hold on a minute there, I've gotten a few things done myself. I made a killer carseat-bag to make transporting Mack's carseat even easier. I'm nearly done with this ultra colorful mobile and 'Car Collage' for Mack. The collage will keep him semi-occupied (hopefully) on the long drive to Mexico. There are about a million ideas in my head of things I'm hoping to make/create after we move (taking the sewing machine and knitting needles!). Oh! my mom taught me how to attach snaps to a romper I made for Mack before he was born, so that's done too. This week Tyler and I have been on Storage Unit Mode overdrive. Pack up this, take out that. To top it all off, I've been updating my blog more regularly.
Mack has been getting alot done too! What can a nearly 3 month old perfect person do you ask? Plenty. He's been practicing getting up to 7hrs a night of sleep a night, practicing rolling over when no one is looking, and when he's not busy doing that he talks with his friends-- Orange Giraffe, Blue Giraffe, Sports Mobile, and Mr. Fan. Somewhere in there he manages to find time to eat 7 times a day, get his diaper changed, grow like a weed and make everyone he meets fall head over heels in love with him. Like I said, he's a busy baby.
So in conclusion (and true 6th grade essay style), I'm feeling pretty good about this move and about everything we're getting done. Good Day.
P.S. I almost forgot! Yesterday my Mom and Dad treated me to new glasses AND contacts. Thanks guys! I can see again!