High on the Mount

WOW! I went to the temple this morning, I didn't go meaning to run into Angela but I have to admit it did cross my mind. I have never seen so few missionaries at the Provo Temple. I felt real good and all that jolly stuff then, on the way home it happened! I was walking across the street when lo and behold! I would know that jumper anywhere! We screamed and ran towards each other! Man it felt sooooo good! I always thought that if I did see her I would fee all uncomfortable and unsure how to act. None of that. We laughed and chatted. I walked w/ her back up to the temple, and when we said good bye, it was so much easier than at the MTC! What a great day I had today!
Another great day= TUESDAY! It was my birthday. I admit I have a bit of a birthday phobia, but not because I'm afraid of getting old. Because my birthdays in the past have had a tendency to lean towards the worst days of the entire year. Nothing goes right, yada yada, you get the point. This birthday was not like that at all! We played card games with Steve, Jaque and Tyler's parents, then dropped Ty's folks off at the airport. Afterwards we returned to downtown and I picked up a new bra, tank top and croped linen pants. Then came home, had a burrito for lunch, and in lieu of a cake blew out some candles from on top of two ice cream sandwiches (Candles courtesy of Angela's package).
Tyler has strep throat again. The doctor thinks he might be a carrier for it. DARN IT! He'll probably have to get his tonsels out, at least that's covered by our insurance.
In summary this week has gone like this..
TUESDAY= GOOD DAY (birthday)
THURSDAY= GOOD DAY (temple and Angela)
Looks like "the good out number the bad" (but not in Nottingham <-from Disney's Robin Hood).



I typed up this post while I was in San Diego, then hit some crazy button and it disapeared! But hey, now that I'm back in Ute it's showed up again. Here it is, previously unpublished found deep in the archives...

I'm so proud.
Once again I'm in Sunny San Diego!
Thanks for all the comments on my last post, I was worried I'd tick some people off. But heck! It's how I was feeling. Last weekend we went to Kyle's Lacosse game up in Carson, Ca. I've decided that I'm probably not the best lucky charm for him. His team always wins when I go to the game, but he doesn't really have much to do with it... Every time I'm not there however, he plays nearly the entire game and the team pours the cooler over his head and lifts him up on their shoulders! YEah! Kyle ROCKS! Alright maybe I'm exagerating a little.
Nothing like hanging around the hosue on a Saturday morning, "Is your work done? Is your work done?"
I hope everyone had a Happy St. Patrick's Day. Leprachauns came to our house and messed up the back yard. But at least they left us a hefty amount of chocolate.


I Pity the FOOL...

I pity the fool who has to sit next to me on the airplane. Talk about awkward. An airplane ride next to someone you don't know is like the worlds longest elevator. Nobody wants to look at anyone else. You both try to keep busy and look important. You try to read the newspaper and turn the page without the slightest brush of the other person's elbow.
Sure, you can sit there and tell me, "No, no, not me. I'm very casual... and nice to the stranger I'm sitting next to. Sometimes I even strike up a conversation." Well guess what, you're a liar. NO ONE likes sitting by a total stranger on the plane. And I mean STRANGE. Face it, the freakest people in America are flying these days.
On a flight to Portland this weekend the Lady behind me let her toddler KICK the back of my chair (I should say head) about six times before she did anything about it. Then she proceeded to plug her kid into a portable DVD player she'd brought along, with out any headphones. Keep in mind, we were on one of those tiny planes where all you hear is 'BRRRRRRRRR' the entire time. Of course her child had to be able to hear the music! I never. I've got a million of 'em.
Why does the person sitting on the aisle believe they are so entitled to the middle arm rest? I venture that the use by either person of the middle arm rest is a direct invasion of the other's space and privacy. They shouldn't even call it an arm rest. They should call it a middle DIVIDER, because that is what it is. Once I am on that plane, sitting next to someone I don't know, I immediately revert back to 2nd grade and a little alarm goes of in my head anytime someone crosses into 'my zone'.
Why is the most obese person (I'm pc, I said obese instead of fat) on the plane is always the rudest and least aware of personal boundaries? Do they think the guys sitting next to them doesn't notice that they're taking up half of their seat? They notice.