Stick Together

One of the things I love most about Tyler's flight benefits with Delta is taking our children along our travels. Yes, they're too young to remember most of the trip. Yes, someone (or several someones) may throw up in the car. But ultimately I am going to remember these travels. I genuinely enjoy dragging our kiddos along with us for the ride. For our children (but Mack and Hank especially), seeing Mommy and Daddy excited about something makes them excited about it too. If I tell them that The Tower of London is THE COOLEST place in the word, they believe me! Flossie and Wally aren't really buying what we're selling at this point, but they've got some cool pictures out to the deal and it's keeping them out of Chuck E. Cheese. gross
I realize many people out there think we're crazy for taking our kids on 12 hour flights for fun. Many of these same people think I am crazy for taking my 4 children to Target. To these people i would just like to say whatever. Don't knock it till you try it. And if you do try it, let's hang out. I think we could be best friends.


Le Ballon Rouge

On Monday for Family Night, we cheated and watched The Red Balloon. We're hoping to trek off to Paris for 2 weeks in July so I thought the film might get the kids in the mood. I was thinking maybe they'd notice how quiet everyone is and be feel inspired to live a more French lifestyle.
Mack sorta remembered seeing it before so he was fine with it, but the other little kiddos thought it was a tad boring at first. However, once the action picked up and the Balloon started following the boy (Does that little guy have a name?) they were all hooked. Well, everyone except me, I was reading Rick Steves France 2013 on the couch.
I've spent most of today looking over options for apartments to rent while we're in Paris. We still haven't closed the deal yet, but we do have a front-runner. Usually, when we go away, we try to rent a flat with a crib, but no such luck this time. Looks like Tyler will be dragging our Pack'n Play on the train, because there is no way I am trying to get a jet-lagged toddler -aka Flossie- to sleep with me. Anyway, I'm sure that position will be occupied by Wallace. I don't know how people co-sleep with their kids, it only leads to angry-sleep at my house.
I've got a list of Parisian films to watch before we leave town and two feet tall stack of travel books to sort through as well. One of my favorite things about traveling is the book prep. I remember reading once that anticipating a trip is good for your health and I definitely agree. I love it.  Unfortunately for me, I think any health benefits may be balanced out by all my family's pre-trip-laundry.


It's Alive

Just got back from Utah. I've been toying with the idea of starting up the old blog again and Kassey gave me the the final nudge I needed to push me over the edge and into action. She pointed out that sometimes I use a 'tone' and if I write things down instead of saying them out-loud they'll come across better... Thanks?
After giving it hardly any thought, I chose to go back to the blog where it all began. Why not. No one else has a voice on this thing, so I'm just going to keep it named after myself. It's going to be by me, and mostly about me(?) and -probably- read by only me. I wish I had known how easy it is to move all my posts onto one blog- I would of done it ages ago.
And one last disclaimer. This probably won't be very good.