Destiny Pearl Squires

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This last week has been pretty rough on my family and me. I want to thank everyone who helped make it a little easier. Monday afternoon I got a call from my mother telling me that Destiny had passed away Sunday night after a terrible car accident that afternoon. Ty and I spent the rest of the day driving all over Salt Lake talking to my sisters and some other family memebers. Kerin came back to my apartment and spent the rest of the week here with me. Thursday morning we got up early and drove to Rocklin, Ca to attend the funeral Friday morning. We then returned home on Saturday. Destiny lived with my family for about a semester. She and Kerin had a very special relationship and were much more than friends. I drove Destiny to Seminary, Church activities, and just about every dance she ever went to. She was full of fun and life and made a distinct impression on everyone who ever knew her. Destiny was more than just a friend by association, she was my friend, and I (along with many other people) am really going to miss her.

If you want to read more about the WONDERFULNESS of Destiny you can go to these websites... http://www.granitebaypt.com/articles/2004/10/27/news/top_stories/02news.prt and http://www.legacy.com/SacBee/Guestbook.asp?Page=Guestbook&PersonID=2751323.


"Step it!"

My husband is the absolute greatest man on EARTH! I know its cliche for a married woman to rave about her man. But hey, I don't do this alot so cut me some slack. I'm an odd person, and something odd about me is that I love slow R&B, y'know 'groovy tunes'. So Ty came home today and surprised me with the new double R. Kelly album. How often does anyone in this world actually BUY a CD now'a'days? Surprises... they're GRRRRREAT!
So was this weekend. Jo came on Friday to chill and then my mom came on saturday with Kloe and Karly. Saturday night a crowd of us went out to eat and then to a comedy club in South Salt Lake, WiseGuys. This place was sooooo much fun! I highly recomend it! Sunday, Monday and Teusday were all family days, that was nice. Monday afternoon Tyler (a great and wise man) won tickets to the Jazz preseason game against the Knicks. So Teusday we enjoyed the second home Jazz event of the season. Haven't missed a game yet! ha
Of course there were the obligatory perks that come with having a parent in town. We got a shelf to keep our food on and I wasn't hungry once the entire time my mom was here! AND...She did the DISHES!!! YES! I spent all day Monday playing with Kloe and Karly. We rode the trax as far as we could then walked all around downtown and checked out the church art and history museum. They had a two big exhibits set up for children so that was pretty helpful to keep Kloe happy. Then we got HOT hot choclate and sweets! YUM!
We got that new couch on Saturday. (I have to give a shout out to Dave and Cam for being so cool about picking that up for us.) Bad news: the couch didn't fit into the back room so now we have quite possibly the worlds ugliest couch out in our living room. It wouldn't be so bad if our other small couch wasn't so darn amazing! But on the plus side the back room is more comfortable. You win some, you loose some. I can't complain (too much).
This may seem a bit sudden, but I can't wait for Christmas! I want Christmas to be today! Don't get me wrong, I love halloween, but I am so ready to throw out that pumpkin and get a tree!


It's Autumn Time

Autumn...a poem
Like the coat of paint
on an old pickup truk,
The fresh green of spring
has turned to autumn rust.
by Don Gray
Went to the Doctor yesterday and I'm getting better. He gave me a few more 'privlages'. For example, I don't have to wear my enormous boot as much--I can wear the little one sometimes. Which also means I no longer need to roll up my pants like an amputee. I love seeing my X-rays! I hope Dr. Clarke will let me keep them when this is all over. I sewed a dress last weekend. Everything went really well except that I made it one size too big. I'm too lazy to go back and sew the thing all over again to make it the right size, I'm going to wear it anyway. Last Saturday, Tyler and I went to this 'extravagaza' of sorts for the company he worked for durring the summer. We got to hang out where the Jazz practice and then sit front row for their openning scrimage. It was fun to heckle the players like I used to in High School. Angela and I met up in Salt Lake durring the day and did some window shopping down town. I love that..."Down Town." Sounds sooo....'ladies who lunch'. My mom, Karly, Kloe and Jo are all coming to visit this weekend and I am MEGA excited for that. And ( I know this sounds lame) Tyler's friends are gave us their old couch and I'm excited for that too! Its that time of year agin, time to apple pie and shop for pumpkins. Last night I made Hot Cocoa from scratch, that felt very autumny. Fall is suposed to be cold and chilly, but all the colors, foods and scents that go with it are all 'warm'. I'm even starting to enjoy a little football now and then.


A not-so-vintage-flashback

Yesterday I got an email from my good friend Candice Hallam and that got me thinking. First, how in the world can I get together with the chica. Then I started to think of all the things we'd have to chatty chit chat about. WOW.
Sometimes my entire life feels like one big moving trip. There are so many people I want to keep in touch with, and we're all scattered across the globe. I hope that if those friends read my blog (and I can keep up on their lives as well), that when we do manage to get together, we can talk and carry on as if no time has passed at all. So in the spirit of friendship, here is my not-so-vintage-flashback.
What is the biggest thing to happen to me lately?...My wedding of course. When I was engaged, my life was wildly busy. So I know that there are alot of people I haven't been able to get in touch with since the wedding. Alot of my friends haven't even met Tyler! So this is for all my buddies who couldn't come, or are just plain curious about my wedding. Plus...everyone loves more pictures on a blog, Right?
We still haven't gotten the pictures from the photo guy we hired, so these are all from Jim's (Ty's Dad) camera. I swear he had that camera attached to his eye the entire week! He did a great job and I love the pictures he took. Thanks Jim.

Here we are exiting the temple through the Front-Side door. Those flowers weighed about 5 pounds I swear. It was like carrying around a small child, but I loved it. I even threw the entire thing at the end of the reception. Posted by Hello

The peole who make it all possible (paid for it) our parents. Ty's on the left=Jim and Karen. and Mine on the right=Kim and Karie. Thanks one million gazillion trillion! Posted by Hello

I know it sounds cheesy, but I was SOOO happy right here. When they finally told us we could kiss at the end of the cremony, I practically jumped across the alter.  Posted by Hello

This is Ty's best friend, Elan (I hope I got that right) and his brother Travis. Elan and Ty have the absolute funniest stories from growing up. Maybe I'll post one sometime. Posted by Hello

I love this picture! I think it makes my dress look amazing!! The groom ain't too bad either. And I loved how green everything was in San Diego, even in the middle of November. Posted by Hello

Here is a shot of the wedding party sans parents. What a hot group of young people! And yes I did make sure that all the other ladies wore flats so that I would look the tallest. Posted by Hello

Here we have Travis, Groom, Bride, and Danna. I loved having Danna as my 'maid of honor'. She helped me stay relaxed and completly took care of my guest list for me! THANKS DANNA!!! Posted by Hello

For the record I would like to state that did NOT wish to have the entire wedding party standing in the line at the reception. They all wanted to stand there, which in my 4 inch heels, I found very silly. Posted by Hello

Absolutely gorgeous/huge wedding cake! No, my mom did not bake this beautiful pastry. Instead, we enlisted the local donut shop to create this work of edible art. Posted by Hello

Steve and Jackie! They're friends of Ty's parents and are some of the neatest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Posted by Hello

My dad and his 'Ladies' gettin' down to Tom Jones! The End. Posted by Hello


Peach Pie?...mmm

Not my pie, but you can imagine what it'd be like if it was. Posted by Hello

This weekend Tyler, Angela, and I took a last minute trip up to ol' Rexburgia. A few things have changed up there, but it's pretty much the same place. Of all the random things to add--they built a new DI. what?
Although I miss that time in my life, I discovered that I don't really miss Rexburg (although I still love it). Going back there almost made me feel as if I were digressing, like those kids who just can't seem to get over high school. I want my life to get better and more interesting each year. I do NOT want to look back at my single college years and think "weren't those the best years!" I like looking at my life now and think "things are going pretty great right now." Its sort of like this...I remember adults telling my they loved being a teenager, but they're glad they aren't one anymore. But don't get me wrong I adore my time I had in Rexburg, I guess that means I've got a lot to live up to.
I saw about 2 1/2 sessions of conference, what a great year. My favorite talk?...President Hinckley's at the end of the Sunday morning session.
On Sunday we ate dinner at Grandma Judy's house, yum. She let me bring home a bunch of peaches and I made the best darn peach pie IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!! Pies from scratch are scrumdeliocious!
Monday was Kassey's birthday and let the record show that while I was unable to get a hold of her, I did leave a message on her phone. Happy Birthday Kass!
Here's something else exciting, Tyler was offered a position as lead tech this coming summer with Northstar (company he's working for now). We're weighing our options.
Jim and Karen sent Ty a bike and he is LOVIN' IT!!! He's like a little kid with their first two-wheeler. Can't get enough of it!
Till next time, adieu!



Hello, meet Mason Tyler. Posted by Hello

So much new NEWS! Britney Spears got married...j/k While that is news it does not concern me which is what this blog is about ! YEAH! I had my operation and it went well. The most painful part was when they gave me the local for my foot. OUCH! I currently have (count 'em) two screws in my big toe and a long cut down the side of my foot. Now I'm just recovering and it's going well.
Talk about news! I just found out that Mt St Helens blew up (a little bit?).
Tyler and I also have an absolutely marvelous new nephew. Marvelous for two reasons: 1. His name is Mason Tyler and we plan to call him Ma$e. 2. He has his Uncle Tyler's feet! WOOHOO! In other baby news, Ty and I were able to spend a long weekend in Seattle right before my operation and attend Jamey's blessing. I love Seattle!