Not Exactly Note Worthy

Wallace has a really hard time walking around in the morning wearing his fleece footed PJ's (Yes, he finally learned to walk, but still insists on carrying a small with him from dawn to dusk). Lately, after breakfast, I just strip him down to his diaper and let him play semi-nude for a good hour. He loves being naked and slapping himself on his big 'ol round belly. His belly button looks JUST like a cinnamon roll.
Of course he wouldn't have to wear fleece footed PJ's at all if it would just warm up and stop raining. Blah.


If I had a Facebook

Mornings like today are why I keep an emergency stash of Chocolate Costco Muffins in the freezer. Breakfast is served!
I barely resisted eating one myself. Cottage cheese and pineapple? I guess that'll do for now. I don't know why Wallace won't drink a big glass of milk first thing in the morning like my other kids (still not walking). He practically demands steak and eggs every day. This kid LOVES a good hearty breakfast first thing. He does not have time for you to go to the bathroom or put in your contacts. He's like the plant in Little Shop of Horrors. When I tried to give him a cup of milk downstairs he greeted me with a head butt. Good morning to you too!
Mack and Henry somehow managed to put the drying rack --sans clothes-- in Wallace's crib before I was up this morning. That was fun to find. There were a few other fun surprises that I'm too polite to share on the internet. At least no one dumped the powdered sugar and oatmeal out all over the kitchen. Counting my blessings.



Wallace is 13 months old. I am convinced that he will never learn to walk because all he wants to do is crawl around pushing trucks in front of him. How are you supposed to drive a truck under the table if you're walking?



Attending a wedding with three little busy boys is tough, but having my awesome looking husband (you should see how tight the pants were he had to wear) there to do the heavy lifting helps to lighten the load. Tyler was a champ the whole weekend. Outstanding Husband of the Year Award. Mack was in a pretty good mood all day. No surprise there, he's always happy. Henry was in one of his 'moods' where no one can touch him, talk to him, or look at him. Shocker. Wallace was tired, but it could of been worse.
A big CONGRATULATIONS to Kyle and Megan! May you not get sick in Mexico. We're so happy for you guys. In fact, Mack just told me this morning, "I love my new Aunt Megan."
Waiting outside the Las Vegas Temple for Kyle and Megan.


New Year's Resolutions

Alright already! Everybody stop bugging me to post our resolutions onto our blog. Sheesh! (No really, actually no one asked me to do this.)
  1. Learn to walk.
  2. Learn to say some words.
  3. (Near the end of the year) Move to a toddler bed.
  1. Learn to say "love" instead of "lob" (same with "live" instead of "lib").
  2. Get to the point where he ALWAYS goes to the bathroom - on the toilet- unprompted.
  3. Start Preschool!
  1. Really "get" what a calender is all about. IE: understand what order days of the week come in and months of the year.
  2. Learn to swim independently.
  3. Start Kindergarten!
  1. No desserts for 2011.
  2. Attend the temple at least 12 times.
  1. (I don't know how he'd feel about me posting his resolutions on here, so I'll have to check with him 1st and maybe up date this later. Sorry.) I think he'll tell you if you ask him.


Before I Forget

Mack is not a very good liar.
The other morning he came into my room to wake me up and I could tell instantly he'd gotten into something downstairs because he had crumbs all over his face.
"Mack what did you get into?"
"I didn't get into anything."
"Then why is your face all messy?"
"Um, it's not messy. I mean it's just my friends made a mess and I told them to stop it...and I was just cleaning it up."
"Mack, what kind of mess?"
"It wasn't a mess, um...I mean, it was a sea mess. Yeah. Just a sea otter mess, that's it."
I know, it's another boring 'wordy post', written entirely for my own personal enjoyment. Big deal. I'm a busy lady. Get over it.