Back With A Vengence

I haven't been able to post any pictures for a couple of days...So now I'm going to make up for lost time! HOORRAH!

Here is Mack in his 12 month OshKosh Pj's that my mom and Karly picked out for him before he was born. They're made of fleece and He feels super cuddly in them. Especially in the middle of the night when he gets up to eat.
This is the military detail at the Nuevo Leon state border. Yes, there's another truck across the street, and they both have machine guns.
Mack and I outside the Catedral Metropolitana in down-town Monterrey. We're actually across the street from it, in the Gran Plaza. Like all Cathedrals, this one took an obscene amount of time to build, but I have to say the inside was not as impressive as I had hoped it'd be. I mean it just didn't seem very Catholic. It was somewhat plain, with bare walls and the like. However, the outside was very nice.
Here is Tyler on the phone with me before I came down. He's in our back patio. Ahh.

Mack: because he's cute.

Besides taking pictures...We went to Parque Fundidora yesterday (sorry no photos only video). It used to be a steel factory complex, but is now a very large park with several art galleries and theaters, a convention center, a Formula 1 racetrack, an indoor ice-rink and a bunch of other "cultural stuff". The art galleries are free so of course we checked those out. It had a collection of very bright modern art which at first seemed very nice. BUT after a closer look you realised that every single painting was extremely morbid. Sad, because I think the artist is very talented and could have really lifted people's spirits had he wanted to. I can't remember his name right now, but apparently he left Cuba in 1991 and is "world renowned".
Today was Stake Conference. Great because our Stake Center is right next to the Temple and it's nice to see so many members in one place. Not great because--HELLO--I don't speak Spanish, making church very exhausting and giving Tyler a headache from having to translate everything for so long. Plus I had to go out to the car for the last 20 minutes (it's 94* here) because there was no place inside for me to nurse Mack in private. Lately Mack has become very social and hates to be covered up when he eats. He'd much rather YANK the blanket off and look up every 30 seconds or so to see what everyone else is doing. Fun for me! As far as the rest of the day goes, life should be good. Tyler is in his own personal version of heaven with all the NFL games on today. GO SEAHAWKS!


  1. tell handsome Mack to stop growing! and don't forget to bring home all the viedos you take when you come at Christmas. We miss you

  2. Fern, I must say that Mack-baby is soooo adorable! holy cow! And talking to you yesterday was awesome. I have decided that the people that came to LA were definitely the lower-classers of Mexico. Your photos and descriptions are really beautiful!