Tacos For Sale

There are two little places in our neighborhood we love. One is a little store that sells the BEST homemade tortillas and delicious green apple soda. The shop is run by this little old lady who absolutely adores Mack (of course). The other place is a taco stand. I don't know if it counts as a stand because its actually permanent. It's basically a large outdoor stove with a counter you can eat at. The lady there is also very nice. She sells chicken, pork, and carne asada tacos (with homemade tortillas) for about 5 pesos a piece--which is less than $0.50! As Kerin would say... "DELISH!"
In fact, Tyler is out picking up some of those (now) famous tacos as I write. We're all out of bread and milk a bunch of other staple food stuffs, we'd go to the store and pick them up but we were planing on being in Texas today to deposit our loan check ect. Unfortunately we had a little car trouble yesterday. Something is wrong with one of the fans or the radiator or something because it keeps overheating. A mechanic recommended by some one in our ward is on his way over right now to check things out.
The most important thing to happen yesterday is that Mack had his first taste of rice cereal. HE LOVED IT! I made up about a tsp with water and he couldn't get enough of it! After the first bite he practically lunged at the spoon, and when it was all gone and put the bowl on the table he got angry with me! It was too cute! Later today Ty is going to give him some more and we'll probably stick with just the cereal for a couple weeks before we try veggies next. It's all very exciting!


  1. Kaira,

    It's great seeing pictures of you and your sweet little family. Thanks for sharing them with us. We love you, Brad and April.
    We were in the Celestial Room of the Sacramento Temple today during the dedication with President Hinckley. It was wonderful!

  2. What a handsome boy!We all miss him so much and he just looks like he's getting handsomer. Kody and Karly have friends over tonight like you use to in Rocklin on Sundays and they all say how cute he is. Matt Monahan say to say how cut his nefew is, so the other girls who don't know whow much the Monahans love Mack and claim him as their own, want to know who Matt is going to marry to mack it happen. Karly? We love and miss you and can't wait to eat the tacos! love mom

  3. Fern, this is ang! I know this is lame, but I want to call you and I lost your # for the billionth time. I am going to call Jo and get it, but just in case here's my new CELL number! Woo hoo!! We'll always be in contact now! (801)602-7256
    Mack baby is SOOOOOO adorable! And so is your apartment!

  4. awww!! wat a Dang cutie!!!
    give him lots of kisses from his best aunt!!! 4 months?! wow! hes already been gone so long...miss u guys cant wait till Christmas!