This post is a little over due...our entire blog is a lot over due. We've been experiencing some technical difficulties, but Tyler has promised me,they will be resolved soon.
On Wednesday the 27th of January, at 9:09pm, we welcomed little Wallace Morley into our family. He weighed in at 7 lbs 10 ounces, 19 3/4 inches long (and since this is the point were everyone always asks--Mack was 10 lbs 20 inches and Henry was 7lbs 9 ounces 21 inches).  So far I'd describe Wallace's personality as very sweet. He loves to be soothed and cuddled by his Mommy and Daddy. Tyler stayed up with Wallace his first (and only) night at the hospital holding him and Wallace has not forgotten it. Unless he's hungry, Daddy is his favorite. I'm not saying he never gets upset, but when he does, Wallace hasn't been too hard to calm down. He has brown hair (YEAH!) like his Mommy and SUPER LONG fingers and feet like his Daddy. He has not-so-little earlobes and dark navy eyes. Mack fell in love with Wallace instantly and told Granny he'd like "Three more Wallaces." Henry wasn't so easily won over and didn't want much to do with me or the new baby at first but has slowly warmed up to the idea of having someone else around and will randomly ask to hold his little brother. Mack and Hank both love to bring little toys over to show Wallace and give him lots of kisses on his head. Mack says it best, "I'm glad baby Wallace is in our family." 
As far as labor and deliveries go, this was probably my best so far. Labor was about 15 hours from when we check into the hospital to Wallace's arrival. I was a little a lot impatient most of the day, since I'd hoped things would move along a little quicker for the third time around (my labors have gotten progressively longer: 12 hours with Mack and 13 hours with Hank). I only had to push for about 10 minutes before we were greeted my our wailing little BOY. I had to wait another 35 minutes for the placenta (I know, too much information), which was weird, considering I hadn't even really noticed it with my other boys' births, but in the end all was well.
Tyler and I are still adjusting to life with 3 little ones. Thank goodness for all our family that live so close. We never expected to get so much help, not to mention all the food! We haven't been in our ward very long but people have been so generous with the meals, and they've all been delicious. We owe some people big time. My mom especially has been a big-big help with Mack and Hank. I don't know what I would do without her here, probably lose my mind and cut off all my hair.

All Photo credit must go to my sister, we haven't gotten the pics off of our own camera yet, so these from just before we took Wallace home will have to do. They look great! Thanks Kassey!
*Thanks to Tyler for this memorable quote, spoken just minutes after Wallace's birth. Love you!