There are good hebejebes and bad hebejebes.
Last night we were all sitting around the fire out back roasting s'mores when i noticed a big fat spider crawling across my stomach. I had a freak out and brushed it off (I thought). A few weconds later I felt a tickle inside my shirt and looked down to see the same big fat spider crawling around in my bra!! I freaked out and tore off my top shirt so that I could get to the spider easier as I jumped up and down yelling "GET IT OUT TYLER!!! GET IT OUT!!!" I think I flashed half my family trying to hold open my bra and ect. so that Tyler could brush the spider out. Bad hebejebes.

Last Friday Tyler surprised me with tickets to WICKED!! The shows in San Diego are supposed to be completely sold out, but Ty found a great deal online. It was AMAZING! If you have the chance to see it, see it. It was by far the best show I've ever seen at the Civic Theater, maybe ever. Tyler arranged the whole evening. He got Karly to babysit, found a place to eat before the show and figured out all the directions, everything. I just had to show up. What a great guy! It was probably the last date we'll have for a while. I don't know how comfortable I'll be leaving Mack in Monterrey. Anyway, Wicked was a blast. I loved the music and and the show is non-stop. Scene changes are seamless and i never thought once to check the time or see what scene was next. I loved all the little twists on The Wizard of OZ. We had a great evening--eating out, walking around downtown, taking in a show--it was a real night out. Good hebejebes.


  1. Wow! This post was funny! I can totally picture the spider in your bra! HA! It was SOO good to talk to you too! I really love my friends. . .I need you guys. That play looks awesome. One day, you me and jo are going to go to NY and see a broadway. I'd love to see Lion King or something. Maybe in one of our decade trips? :)

  2. Ha! funny story fern. It slightly reminded me of when my roommate got ice down her shirt and freaked out and flashed everyone. Only a spider is a lot more understandable.Her name was Tashina and we called her flashina for the rest of the semester. So just curious, what type of hebejebes are good? Oh and one more question. Well I guess it's more for angela. What exactly do you mean when you say you can picture a spider in her bra? j/k Anyways, moving on: I really like musicals. I'm glad to see that they still make them. I'm also glad that we are still planning on decade trips.