I Don't Have the Time

I don't have much time (I have so much left to pack! It's that little clutter stuff left when everything big is gone that leaves me scratching my head.), but I have been following along with this story and I think people should check it out. Jill Carroll Story
Tyler is having quite the adventure in Mexico! He's had two run-ins with local "law enforcement" and has managed to find us a place to live. That's all I have time to write right now. Have a GREAT day everyone and my next post will be from Monterrey!


  1. I can't wait to see you....it has been way too long. I love and miss you. See you(not)soon(enough).


  2. Hi fern, I know exactly what you mean about all the little stuff after the big stuff is gone. I usually take 2 approaches.
    1. Throw it all away or
    2. Get a roll of heavy duty trash bags and pack it all in those.
    Good luck.
    So tyler had 2 run ins with the police! what happened?

  3. I left a message on your phone yesterday. . .I want to talk to you but it's 4:46 your time and I think that might be a wee bit to early. MAN! HOW ARE YOU? I don't want to bug you, but I really would love if you could call me back. Even if you only have like 5 minutes. I can't believe Tyler had two run-ins with law enforcement. This is going to be such an adventure for you two! (or three!)

  4. sorry. . .just wanted to comment again and say that your comment from Tyler is SO adorable. :)

  5. so your a mexican now... wow well you need to update us and tell us how it all went

  6. kyle I know that was you! I can tell by the 'your' instead of the 'you're'. I've proofed too many of you papers.

  7. Ha, that makes me laugh. It's like when I tried to impersonate Sterling on IM once and his girlfriend knew it was someone else because I spelled more words right and used punctuation.
    It was good to talk to you today fern and I like your new template.