Mission Nearing Acomplishment

Tyler and I have been getting alot done lately pertaining to the move. His Visa and Apostille stuff is all finally done, the loan is almost done, and we've got two apartments lined up for Ty to look at as soon as he gets down to Monterrey. Okay, I have a confession to make...Tyler pretty much did all that stuff I just named by himself. BUT, I fully supported him during each step. That's got to count for something right?
Hold on a minute there, I've gotten a few things done myself. I made a killer carseat-bag to make transporting Mack's carseat even easier. I'm nearly done with this ultra colorful mobile and 'Car Collage' for Mack. The collage will keep him semi-occupied (hopefully) on the long drive to Mexico. There are about a million ideas in my head of things I'm hoping to make/create after we move (taking the sewing machine and knitting needles!). Oh! my mom taught me how to attach snaps to a romper I made for Mack before he was born, so that's done too. This week Tyler and I have been on Storage Unit Mode overdrive. Pack up this, take out that. To top it all off, I've been updating my blog more regularly.
Mack has been getting alot done too! What can a nearly 3 month old perfect person do you ask? Plenty. He's been practicing getting up to 7hrs a night of sleep a night, practicing rolling over when no one is looking, and when he's not busy doing that he talks with his friends-- Orange Giraffe, Blue Giraffe, Sports Mobile, and Mr. Fan. Somewhere in there he manages to find time to eat 7 times a day, get his diaper changed, grow like a weed and make everyone he meets fall head over heels in love with him. Like I said, he's a busy baby.
So in conclusion (and true 6th grade essay style), I'm feeling pretty good about this move and about everything we're getting done. Good Day.
P.S. I almost forgot! Yesterday my Mom and Dad treated me to new glasses AND contacts. Thanks guys! I can see again!


  1. wow fern, you have been updating a lot lately. I'm glad. Make sure to call me before you leave.

  2. What a cute kid! Hey, of course I remember you. We've got to get our little chunkers together for a staring contest or sumpthin'. Wait, you're moving to Mexico? Or Seattle? Or...hm, I'll have to read further down your blog if I want to figure this out.

    We're playin' the same game, girl! have you made a mei tai, yet? If you ever come to upstate new york, you better come over and teach me how to knit...i have to learn cuz i need to make wool soakers...(we're switching the kids to cloth diaps). so fun to see you married and happy in bloggy-land! mommy-ing is awesome, eh? but anyway...shutting up.

  3. LOOK AT YOUR BABY! Holy cow! You're such a grownup! Congratulations!