Small Things

Today I like small things. I like small cameras, small feet-- you get the idea. Now I'm not always in a "Small Mood", but today I am. I especially like myself small, considering that yesterday I discovered I'd lost 3 more pounds. I'm not going to say where that puts me, but I'm happy with it for now. In fact, I think I'm REALLY happy since I technically didn't even exercise. I AM happy.
In other small news. I added a few links over on the side. My friend Jill from high school started blogging so I put her up, plus a few more sites that I frequently enjoy. You don't have to like them, I do. Isn't the internet great!
Tyler and I have taken a TON of pictures lately that I would love to post on here, but I'll try to take it easy and just stick to the highlights.
Mack recently went in the big boy pool for the first time. No crying here! He was very interested in the way his hand looked above the water vs. below the water.
Here's our boy! Buckled up and ready to go. We had an empty seat between us on our flight up to Seattle and decided to take advantage of the 'kodak moment'. In Mack's crusade to disprove negative baby sterotypes, he stayed on his best behavior the entire flight. I guess we can add flying to the list of things Mack loves to do.
Mommy and Mack in downtown Seattle to pick up Daddy's birth certificate. Some goober gave us bad directions and we ended up walking all over Chinatown and Pioneer Square. Neither of which, by the way, are anywhere near the Admin building.
Lastly, I love Big Mack's small morning nap, which gives me the chance to update my blog.
P.S. I packed up Mack's 3-6 month clothes yesterday. He's now offically in 6-9 or 6-12 month clothes!


  1. so when are you going to have a "big" day? what will you enjoy then?

  2. You stay was not long enough.....come back. We already miss big Mack and his beautiful smile. Come back
    Love Meems and Papa

  3. WHAT?????????????? Why didn't anybody tell me??? I feel so out of the loop!!!!

  4. hi fern...just so you know, everyone reads my blog. And by everyone I think you know who I mean...On a lighter note, I love seeing pictures of Mack and I love that you carry him around in that wrap thing. Oh, and I've started saving $25 a month to go to Mexico. Not a lot, I know, but it will add up hopefully and eventually I'll get there.