Hello, meet Mason Tyler. Posted by Hello

So much new NEWS! Britney Spears got married...j/k While that is news it does not concern me which is what this blog is about ! YEAH! I had my operation and it went well. The most painful part was when they gave me the local for my foot. OUCH! I currently have (count 'em) two screws in my big toe and a long cut down the side of my foot. Now I'm just recovering and it's going well.
Talk about news! I just found out that Mt St Helens blew up (a little bit?).
Tyler and I also have an absolutely marvelous new nephew. Marvelous for two reasons: 1. His name is Mason Tyler and we plan to call him Ma$e. 2. He has his Uncle Tyler's feet! WOOHOO! In other baby news, Ty and I were able to spend a long weekend in Seattle right before my operation and attend Jamey's blessing. I love Seattle!

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  1. ooh nice bayby, my sister have a girl and she is one month old,and she is cute like mason.. :)
    your new friend