"Step it!"

My husband is the absolute greatest man on EARTH! I know its cliche for a married woman to rave about her man. But hey, I don't do this alot so cut me some slack. I'm an odd person, and something odd about me is that I love slow R&B, y'know 'groovy tunes'. So Ty came home today and surprised me with the new double R. Kelly album. How often does anyone in this world actually BUY a CD now'a'days? Surprises... they're GRRRRREAT!
So was this weekend. Jo came on Friday to chill and then my mom came on saturday with Kloe and Karly. Saturday night a crowd of us went out to eat and then to a comedy club in South Salt Lake, WiseGuys. This place was sooooo much fun! I highly recomend it! Sunday, Monday and Teusday were all family days, that was nice. Monday afternoon Tyler (a great and wise man) won tickets to the Jazz preseason game against the Knicks. So Teusday we enjoyed the second home Jazz event of the season. Haven't missed a game yet! ha
Of course there were the obligatory perks that come with having a parent in town. We got a shelf to keep our food on and I wasn't hungry once the entire time my mom was here! AND...She did the DISHES!!! YES! I spent all day Monday playing with Kloe and Karly. We rode the trax as far as we could then walked all around downtown and checked out the church art and history museum. They had a two big exhibits set up for children so that was pretty helpful to keep Kloe happy. Then we got HOT hot choclate and sweets! YUM!
We got that new couch on Saturday. (I have to give a shout out to Dave and Cam for being so cool about picking that up for us.) Bad news: the couch didn't fit into the back room so now we have quite possibly the worlds ugliest couch out in our living room. It wouldn't be so bad if our other small couch wasn't so darn amazing! But on the plus side the back room is more comfortable. You win some, you loose some. I can't complain (too much).
This may seem a bit sudden, but I can't wait for Christmas! I want Christmas to be today! Don't get me wrong, I love halloween, but I am so ready to throw out that pumpkin and get a tree!


  1. Awww, that's sooo sweet of your husband!!!! :D :D :D And yes, I am ready for Christmas too! I can't wait!!!!