Peach Pie?...mmm

Not my pie, but you can imagine what it'd be like if it was. Posted by Hello

This weekend Tyler, Angela, and I took a last minute trip up to ol' Rexburgia. A few things have changed up there, but it's pretty much the same place. Of all the random things to add--they built a new DI. what?
Although I miss that time in my life, I discovered that I don't really miss Rexburg (although I still love it). Going back there almost made me feel as if I were digressing, like those kids who just can't seem to get over high school. I want my life to get better and more interesting each year. I do NOT want to look back at my single college years and think "weren't those the best years!" I like looking at my life now and think "things are going pretty great right now." Its sort of like this...I remember adults telling my they loved being a teenager, but they're glad they aren't one anymore. But don't get me wrong I adore my time I had in Rexburg, I guess that means I've got a lot to live up to.
I saw about 2 1/2 sessions of conference, what a great year. My favorite talk?...President Hinckley's at the end of the Sunday morning session.
On Sunday we ate dinner at Grandma Judy's house, yum. She let me bring home a bunch of peaches and I made the best darn peach pie IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!! Pies from scratch are scrumdeliocious!
Monday was Kassey's birthday and let the record show that while I was unable to get a hold of her, I did leave a message on her phone. Happy Birthday Kass!
Here's something else exciting, Tyler was offered a position as lead tech this coming summer with Northstar (company he's working for now). We're weighing our options.
Jim and Karen sent Ty a bike and he is LOVIN' IT!!! He's like a little kid with their first two-wheeler. Can't get enough of it!
Till next time, adieu!


  1. Yo Fern :) I love peach pie!
    It was fun having you guys come up to 'the burg'. Life is different with out you guys.
    About this dance...How much are tickets? is there a theme? and do we have dinner plans yet? -jo

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  6. What up F-dog. . .okay, that makes it sound like an accidental swear word, but whatever. I have loads to do in an hour and one half, but I will tell you this much:
    DI sounds tight today (I have a great new idea).. I told Randy I'd get sushi, so tell me when (I get out of class at 5:30)
    As for your blog update-- the burg was awesome, and while I may not think that "those were the best years of my life", for that stage of life I'd say that BYU-Idaho was the best. . .and the best for me. I love you guys!

  7. Hi Fern, I hope I'm doing this right I wasn't sure how to make a comment, anyway, loved reading your blog. The babies are beautiful. Tell Ty to be careful on his bike. Maybe knowing Ty is riding his bike will inspirer Kloe-bug. She has been playing alot on the trapize bar on her swingset. She's pretty jazzed about pulling herself up on her knees and falling off and landing on her feet - she calls it a backflip. All is good Kassey and Kerin get in tonight atabout 1am. So I'm just cleaning and baking and counting the days till you and Ty come home for Christmas. Kiss your man for me. Love you both, mom