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A couple of weeks ago saw this ad on TV offering free bunion correction surgery, in exchange I let this this company scirex perform a little experiment on my body concerning pain meds. So, yesterday I had my appointment with the doc and then with scirex, and I have a pretty good feeling about it.
The operation goes like this: They're going to sedate me through an IV (no intibate (spell?)), then give me an IV with a local behind my knee on my right leg that will keep my foot numb for pretty much the rest of the day. The incision will be about 3 or 4 inches long on my big toe. To fix the bunion the doc will cut my 'big toe bone' in two places and realign the bone with a screw.
The 'experiment' goes like this: I will be staying at scirex's facility from Tuesday directly following the procedure until Sunday morning. There is a 50% chance I'll be receiving the experimental drug, a 25% chance I'll receive the drug that's already FDA approved, and a 25% chance I'll be given a placebo, in which case I'm sure none of you will never hear the end of it. If I feel like the particular drug I am given isn't working I will be given 'rescue medication' (aka: something that actually works). The creepy thing about all this is that they're going to draw blood a bunch of times, (which totally freaks me out) and that I'll be monitored NON-STOP. Worst of all though, I'll be alone there. NO VISITORS! BUMMER! I'm going to be sooooooo bored!
The recovery goes like this: I have to wear a walking cast for 8 weeks and I hear it'll take about a year for my foot to heal completely. But the DR did say I'd be able to run (which I haven't been able to do very well lately). Also...I get some $$ at the end of all this for participating. So the whole thing is free plus some.
WISH ME LUCK! Here's a link with more info on the operation... enjoy? I guess.


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  1. I have been checking your blog recently, but alas, no new news! I have a question and if the answer is nay, I totally understand. Aron Ralston (that guy that cut off his hand in the canyon to save his life) is having a book signing in SLC Friday if you want to come with me. I'm going to see if I can borrow my sisters car. . . Also, Mean Girls comes out uh,. . .yesterday, so what do ya say? love you fern! ~ang