A not-so-vintage-flashback

Yesterday I got an email from my good friend Candice Hallam and that got me thinking. First, how in the world can I get together with the chica. Then I started to think of all the things we'd have to chatty chit chat about. WOW.
Sometimes my entire life feels like one big moving trip. There are so many people I want to keep in touch with, and we're all scattered across the globe. I hope that if those friends read my blog (and I can keep up on their lives as well), that when we do manage to get together, we can talk and carry on as if no time has passed at all. So in the spirit of friendship, here is my not-so-vintage-flashback.
What is the biggest thing to happen to me lately?...My wedding of course. When I was engaged, my life was wildly busy. So I know that there are alot of people I haven't been able to get in touch with since the wedding. Alot of my friends haven't even met Tyler! So this is for all my buddies who couldn't come, or are just plain curious about my wedding. Plus...everyone loves more pictures on a blog, Right?
We still haven't gotten the pictures from the photo guy we hired, so these are all from Jim's (Ty's Dad) camera. I swear he had that camera attached to his eye the entire week! He did a great job and I love the pictures he took. Thanks Jim.


  1. Hey dude-
    I ditched the free-lunch 1)because the line was 200ft long and 20 feet thick 2)hot-dogs aren't my fave and 3)you weren't there! So anyway--I still have not found my date yet for this weekend. Ugh. Chris is going to the UNC/USU game this weekend, so there goes that idea. Well, I'll see you tonight (hopefully) for our bi-weekly SITC ritual.

  2. Hi fern :) even though I wasn't one of those friends who hasn't met tyler or seen pictures of the wedding, your new blog update is cool. I'll see you this weekend-jo

  3. Kaira - okay, so i'm one of those long-lost bad friends. do you live in provo right now? i'm still here (just in case you were wondering) and it was so fun for me to see your wedding pictures! you're so cute. anyway - if you're here (in provo, that is) we really need to get together sometime - maybe we could figure out how to get with Candice too. i saw your sisters a couple of weeks ago when they were over here to see brittany - it was fun to see them, but i really want to see you! call me - ok? my cell is 801-318-9234. i work during the day (oh yeah - i'm a teacher, freaky, eh?) but my phone is always available for messages so call anytime! love ya - katie haycock