It's Autumn Time

Autumn...a poem
Like the coat of paint
on an old pickup truk,
The fresh green of spring
has turned to autumn rust.
by Don Gray
Went to the Doctor yesterday and I'm getting better. He gave me a few more 'privlages'. For example, I don't have to wear my enormous boot as much--I can wear the little one sometimes. Which also means I no longer need to roll up my pants like an amputee. I love seeing my X-rays! I hope Dr. Clarke will let me keep them when this is all over. I sewed a dress last weekend. Everything went really well except that I made it one size too big. I'm too lazy to go back and sew the thing all over again to make it the right size, I'm going to wear it anyway. Last Saturday, Tyler and I went to this 'extravagaza' of sorts for the company he worked for durring the summer. We got to hang out where the Jazz practice and then sit front row for their openning scrimage. It was fun to heckle the players like I used to in High School. Angela and I met up in Salt Lake durring the day and did some window shopping down town. I love that..."Down Town." Sounds sooo....'ladies who lunch'. My mom, Karly, Kloe and Jo are all coming to visit this weekend and I am MEGA excited for that. And ( I know this sounds lame) Tyler's friends are gave us their old couch and I'm excited for that too! Its that time of year agin, time to apple pie and shop for pumpkins. Last night I made Hot Cocoa from scratch, that felt very autumny. Fall is suposed to be cold and chilly, but all the colors, foods and scents that go with it are all 'warm'. I'm even starting to enjoy a little football now and then.


  1. hi fern, I'm glad you up-date your blog a lot. Hearing about you and angela going down town, ladies who lunch, and you making hot chocolate from scratch makes me feel like I should be down there with you guys. -jo

  2. Fern-
    help me! I'm having a study-rut and I can't concentrate on anything! EEK! I've only read one article and did my abstract, but now I'm on a blogging role. You post was "delightful" and that was the first adjective that popped in my head. Seriously, though. Let's carve pumpkins this weekend and stuff. I'll be over 2-nite 2 par-tay. And JO-- I can't wait to see you. . .but dangit girl. . make a blog! :)

  3. hey fern, I made a blog. I did it really fast so its kinda crappy, but it's up. www.carriejo.blogspot.com