Mack is out for the count, and Tyler is at school. By way of an update, Mack sleeping habits have improved dramatically since I last mentioned them. We took a modified cry-it-out approach to night time and nap time and it worked very well for him. He goes to sleep around 7:30-8pm and only eats once around 3:30-4am, then wakes up for good sometime between 6 and 7am. Good Boy! Naps are right on track too. Sleep really does beget sleep. I sewed up Mack's Halloween costume yesterday (he's going to be a big round pumpkin). He was so patient every time I tried it on him and he really seemed to enjoy the bright color. Fabric seems relatively inexpensive here; the entire costume cost just under 50 pesos. Plus I've got fabric left over to do who knows what with. Maybe I'll make myself a pumpkin pin cushion (I'm crazy and unpredictable like that!). I also FINALLY made Tyler this 'towel apron' yesterday. The idea for the apron was in my head for weeks, but I was lacking focus. It always feels so good to bust out quick projects. It's not going to get me on Project Runway any time soon, but it was easy and fast. Here is a picture of Tyler wearing said apron, giving his best "hot, hot model" pose, bellow that is Mack wearing the onesie he helped me make for Ty. And the last one is Mack looking like such a big-kid. Sometimes he looks so old! I can't get over it.


  1. wow fern. You have been sewing away. Can't wait to see the pumpkin suit. I've started another quilt, but I think it will take me a while because I don't really have time to work on it. Cute pics as usual.

  2. Super cute apron and onesie! I can't sew anything 'cept lousy-lookin' diapers.