Hot Potato, Hot Potato

I might apologize for the picture explosion I'm putting up on here.... Nah. Don't think I'm going to after all.
The first two pictures are of Mack just being cute earlier today. I know, I know, he does that all the time. But it's not his fault--he gets it from his dad. The rest of the pictures are from this afternoon. We had mashed potatoes with our dinner tonight, and I gave Mack a spoonful of them on his tray to see what he'd do. First, he stuck his hand right in the middle of the pile of potatoes and just left it there for a couple of minutes. Then he smeared it over to the side of the tray. From there he tried to get it into his mouth by sucking it into the tray. It was hilarious! Do they come any cuter? I think not!

By the way, did you notice he's five months old today!! He's growing so fast.


  1. He reminds me of his grandpa!! He is so cute. Thanks for the wonderful pictures; the whole family is checking them out. Looks like you had a nice time in the mountains and San Antonio. Do you have any memories of the Alamo (get it?) as a kid when I was in the Air Force?

  2. yeah, i don't normally go through that routine in real life just to go to a friends house. anyways, the main thing was how i woke up. that was what made the dream stick out to me.

    p.s. nice pics. happy baby.

  3. ADORABLE! Man. . .he is so cute fern. I am curious how different all your kids will look. He is SOO happy!

  4. Oh my Gosh!!! Why don't you feed the little man? I can't wait to get my hands on him....mashed potatoes and all. He is so darling. What a treasure. Thanks for sharing.

    Love Grandma meems..........