FINISHED!! I made these shoes today/last night. The pattern was so simple and I'm absolutely in love with the results. I can't wait to actually pick out specific fabric and make another pair of shoes for Mack. For this pair I cut up an old blanket I "borrowed" (I know! I'm sorry!) from an unnamed airline, and used some rick-rack scraps, buttons and embroidery floss I had lying around. Mack meets his shoes. He never wears shoes, so this was kinda a big deal for him. "Say hello to my little friend."The fuzzy fleeciness of the shoes didn't make this activity fun for very long (Yes, fleeciness is a word).They even look good when he's standing up! AMAZING! How many pictures of these shoes can I post? A lot, that's how many.
Nap time. He's so peaceful when he sleeps. I love nap time. That's when the screaming stops. For the past week he's been experimenting with different volume levels.Did I mention I MADE these? I guess you could say I'm a little proud...
Beautiful baby Mack asleep, taking a nap like a good little boy should.
Here is how we regularly find beautiful baby Mack. Not napping, not even trying to nap. Just playing with two of his best friends, Binky and Bunny.
Yes folks I've finally done it. I have single-handedly created the world's most terrifying baby toy. Introducing...Mr. Freaky Fish. I'd been holding onto an old t-shirt with a fish on it that I just couldn't bear to part with. So I did what anyone would do, and made it into a prized family heirloom, which Mack is sure to enjoy for days, nay weeks, to come.


  1. your little mack is adorable. i can't speak for everyone, but know that you have a 'baby mack' fan in me. keep posting pictures of him as much as you want. :)
    i hope you and your family are doing great down in mexico! i always knew you'd go to exotic places. where to next? ;)
    have a great friday.
    ~jill :)
    p.s. and his homemade shoes are wonderful.

  2. Fern, you are so crafty! Those shoes are adorable and Mack is just so cute. I showed Karl the pictures and we were laughing because Mack looks bigger than Blake. Thanks for the blog idea, I love doing it!
    Love ya
    P.S. Rachel (from Bristol Manor) is engaged!

  3. Wow, CUTE SHOES! Will you kindly share where you found the pattern for those?

    Did you make the bunny? Cuz he's awesome, too.

    Mr. Fish...hmm...freaky. Weird baby toys make parenting lots more interesting, in my humble opinion.

  4. fern the fish shirt!! I'm sad so see it go but I"m glad to see that it will live on. Mack is soo cute as usual.

  5. Hey, thanks Shauna-
    I've added a link for the shoes. Over on the left click 'baby shoes'. :) Little thing I figured out (which may be obvious, but just in case): to size the shoes, open the pattern in 'patern' then go to 'page setup' and adjust the scale. I made Mack's at 85% but I think they're a little small. Good luck, and make a really cute pair so I can copy them!

  6. Awesome, thanks for the link, and the tip for resizing. I doubt I'll be able to make a pair as cute as Mack's, though!

  7. hey does he grab the bunny by himself? he can grab things now?

  8. love the shoes, but I love Mack more. Can't wait to see you all.
    love mom