I don't have ANY time right now, but I L.O.V.E. this picture and wanted to get it up on our blog. It's a picture of Tyler, Mack and I at el mercado on the road to Santiago, you have to click it to get the whole effect. I think it is so beautiful, plus we had so much fun browsing all the stalls. Prepare yourselves for a picture explosion as soon as I get the time (probably sometime later tonight).

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  1. So I love reading entries from both you and Tyler. I feel like I see you as a family and not just "fern" and "tyler"-- so I love this picutre also. It's awesome! Fern, I imagine that your mom is in Monterey right about now, but I wanted to give you my email address (a much better way of communicating than leaving lengthy blog comments, sorry). . .I went to the website and saw your contribution. It was so cool! Here's my email: angelamariehatch@gmail.com
    pretty easy, no? Pues, te quiero amigita!