No Sleep...No SLEEP!!

So I was thinking this template was more me...I know just pick one and stick with it, but I've felt restless today and for some reason I seem to think changing the back drop will somehow make up for not posting in a while. Honestly I don't really feel like posting right now, but I owe it to my public, I guess.
Tuesday Kerin broke her arm really bad snowboarding. She was going though this narrow path and (pretty much) tried to grab onto a tree to slow herself down. Her X-rays look like a little sapling thats been broken in half. The bones were completely detached and you could see what looked like (on the X-ray at least) a full inch of space between them. Tyler and I drove up to the University of Utah Medical Center Teus night to keep Kerin destracted from the needles and help with getting my Dad from the airport ect. Kerin stayed the night at the hospital so they could monitor her pain and was finally able to go into surgery around 5pm or so the next day (Wed). I drove up Wed around 3pm, I was able to see Kerin a little after her operation and then waited untill she was back in recovery, then had to take my dad to the airport. I haven't seen her since then, but last I heard they over medicated her pain a little so she wasn't able to be discharged until this afternoon. I say the less pain the better. The surgeon put a titanium plate her uperarm and about 9 screws to hold everything in place, like I said it was a bad break, but she's a trooper she'll get better.
I finished Reading Lolita in Tehran a while ago and started my next book. I promise to give a better update here soon. After working all day at a computer the last thing I want to do at night is go home and sit at one.


  1. oooo, I like the new template. That sucks about Kerin's arm. I can't believe they had to put a metal plate in it. Tell her hey for me and that I think she's really hard core.
    So your dad came up for it? Your fam's still comming next week right? How long are they staying?
    Good job with your many book readings. Work must be keeping you pretty busy...j/k
    I'll see ya soon!

  2. I like camping even if I don't have a mat....the important thing es estar contigo.

    Con carino-


  3. Fern-- for some reason my sister Sarah thinks you are the funniest girl ever. . . she's always like "Fern is such an individual! She just seems so creative and hillarious!" esp the name of your blog "for i am fernicus"-- and it's true. I like the new template.I miss you. you are awesome and completely unique. I have the best friends in the world!

  4. Good Morning Mary-Sunshine? Did you sleep well today?. . . Did Jo and I ever tell you that we taught that to my parents last summer and they loved it? HA! I wanted to call, but I don't know if 8:18 is too early and I don't want to wake you-- I think you might be at work, but I didn't know if you were still not feeling well. Basically, give me a call and I'll call you back.

  5. fern, i like this new template better than your old one. hope you have a nice day! :)

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