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So, here I am in Seattle (Bellevue to be more exact)and I have recently discovered my concentrated but devoted following here in the northwest, namely Tyler's Family. So here's a shout out to all my in-laws...SHOUT OUT! Thanks for reading my mind, but hey it wouldn't hurt you to comment every once and a while. Thanks!
Last week was pretty crazy. I spent most of it "In a glass cage of emotion." We did get alot of the 'girl things' we're sure to miss while Angela is gone. ie: read cosmo together, eat too much food/chocolate, ask each other truly deep questions that don't acutally mean anything. Angela went into the MTC on Wednesday and that was probably the hardest thing I've had to deal with so far this year. Tuesday night Angela, Jo and I were sitting around when it hit us, we all teared up and immediately stopped talking. I think if any of us had sputtered one more word it would have ended up sounding like this " AGGGHHHHHH DOOOOONNNN'TT SNIFF SNIFF GOOOOOHHH! AAAAAAMMMMMMM GUUUUURRRRING TO MISSSSSSSS YOOOOOOOOOUGH!" Pretty much just alot of screaming and snot. The MTC went alot better than I expected. We sat there and watched alot of "Family...Isn't it about Time?" commercials and then a short film about some missionaries getting their calls. Then we all just sort of stood up and felt very empty inside. yadda yadda yadda. We hugged and watched Angelina leave. Jo and I are very sure that while Ang will make a great missionary, she will no doubt feel extremely lost and lonely without us. No, I'm sure she's fine, but for my own sanity I have to say that other stuff. I MISS YOU ANGELA!
Earlier, on Monday, Jo's 'GUY' Sam flew in. Picking him up at 2 in the morning was a little interesting...the conversation reminded me of the ones I used to have at slumber parties when everyone is WAY too tired to form cognitive sentances. I won't go into too many details, but tampons did come up in the conversation TWICE before we had made it back to Provo. Sam's a nice guy, but he's only been back from his mission for a month so I think he's still deprograming a little.
Sorry to work backwards like this but I'm writting this as it pops into my head.
Last weekend my family was in town. They came up to do the annual ski trip. I actually got to hit the slopes once, which was a blast, although, I did turn out to be a somewhat tired and sloppy skier. Kyle really tears it up out there and as I watch him I can't help but wonder why I'm not better than him. Is it fear? Is it my age? I don't know, but next year I at least hope to be able to keep up. Not that I can't hold my own of course.
I know this isn't the most informational post but I'll give more of a play by play of this weekend once its all over. Got to leave you wanting more, right?

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  1. Your blog made me laugh today. Especially the parts about us asking eachother deep questions that don't really matter, angela being lost without us, and the tampon conversation at 2am. Well, it was good talking to you the other day. You help me keep my head on straight. peace out~