Ahh! The sweetness of a Saturday morning! Lots of good things to share today boys and girls. As many of you know, Tyler recently joined the team at Skywest Airlines as their ONLY non-pilot intern. Needless to say I am very very proud of him. It's an unpaid internship, but we do get free travel with Skywest for the next four months (So do Ty's parents). Only problem/limitation with the free travel is finding a free place to stay, and visiting places with public transportation. WOO HOO for airline jobs!
Not quite as exciting, but just as important, I got a paying job (y'know so we can eat and such). It involves calling businesses and asking them 'consumer related questions'. "Boring, but it's my life" (name that film). Pretty much it's telemarketing, only hopefully the people I'm calling this time around will be a little nicer. This job actually ups my hourly wage based on my quality, and I'm a stickler for quality! Also, NO weekends (free travel), and full time but I'm done by 2:30 everyday.
Last night Ty and I went to P.F. Chang's for dinner (Thank you Nique and Ryan for the gift card!). It was grrrreat! We got the orange peel chicken, the honey seared shrimp and the garlic noodles. The noodles were garlicy and chili pepper spicy. I want to try making them as soon as we can afford some groceries. After Chang's we headed over to the ol' Barnes and Noble and I picked up some books (Thank you Ty's Mom for the gift card!). Namely, Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi (memoir), Courtesans by Katie Hickman (history), and Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert (fiction). This also (I know you don't care) is the order I'll be reading them, the books, in. So far Reading Lolita in Tehran has been pretty darn good. It's giving me tons of ideas for other books I want to read. I could now continue to give you an update on all the things I'd like to knit, but I won't. Why? because I am SLIGHTLY considering my audience today. Consider yourself blessed.


  1. FERN! I could read your blog for hours-- including the details of what you're going to knit. Next time, don't think of your audience, just me (just kidding). I did not know that Tyler was the ONLY intern hired -- that deserves an additional "CONGRATS TY!" Seriously, that sounds like postive forshadowing of success to come. I am also glad to hear that you made a night of maximizing your giftcards to their full extent. I miss you!

  2. jo fern! congrats on your jobs :) Give eachother high 5's from me (by the way, I gave Sam a high 5 from you). I hope the people you'll be calling will be nicer to you too. I might come down this weekend to hang out...if that's good with you guys. Some of my roommates are going (but I won't be hanging out with them). I'll talk to you more about it later. Peace out!(imagine I'm makeing a really chill face and holding my 2 fingers up as I nod my head)