I Feel it in My Fingers, I Feel it in My Toes...

It is somewhere after 6 o'clock and I can't sleep. No, I did not wake up early, I can't sleep. That means I spent all night tossing and turning. Arghhh! I really want to sleep, I'm really tired, but I can't. I take this as a bad thing. However, since it is forcing me to finally update my blog, you made find it a good thing. We'll just have to see about that...
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. Ty and I arrived very safe and in record time (9 1/2 hrs) to lovely Encinitas and it was "Go-Time" ever since then. Every morning we woke up to my little sister Kloe screaming as painfully as she can "KEERRRLY!!!!" Of course there are better ways to start the day but I miss my lil' sis sooooooo much I seemed to get over it pretty quickly. Tyler spent his days either studying for his online class, throwing the football around with my lil' bros, 'letting' Kody beat him on the X-Box, wrestling, shopping, making plans with Kyle, and finding time to just be with me. Trust me the last one is a lot harder around there than it sounds.
I spent the week before Christmas being a personal assistant to my mother. WHEW! This involved inhuman amounts of shopping, especially for someone still (albeit barely) recovering from a bunion operation! We went everywhere looking for just the right thing for just the right person, and then after we find it, Mom realizes she bought too much of something for one or two of the kids. Naturally, you'd think that means we need to take something back, you'd be wrong. It means we have to go out again and get all the other kids caught up with each other. Add on to all of this my parents obsession with this annoying gift giving competition.
Every year my Mom and Dad compete to see who can give each other more. Seriously, this could be an Olympic event! Then, come Christmas morning, we all sit there as they pretend to be annoyed that they got too many presents. It goes something like this, "Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiim...what did you doooo? We agreeeeeeed we weren't going to do this again this yeeeeeeear. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, you bought me too muuuuuuch." And yes they say it all in sweet whiney voices. Then we have to sit there again after we're all done opening our presents and my parents still have about a gazillion left to watch them tear through it. So, yes, the gift giving is a tad out of hand in my family.

Back to the Basics: Christmas Eve at my house is the best Christmas Eve in the world! I won't go into all the details, but I will tell you that Tyler and I got to be Mary and Joseph this year and I haven't gotten to do that for a long time. I will also tell you about one other thing that happened that night....Every year we open one present...yada yada yada...its pajamas. This year my mom made the boys red-button-up-long-johns (Think Newsies), while Kassey, Kerin and Karly received complimentary fleece zip-up pj's--complete with feet. For Kloe, of course, my mom made this pink flowing nightgown that I'm sure is the envy of every other seven year old girl in the world, proving once again that she is the most spoiled child in all of Christendom.
Christmas morning we awake at the unbelievable hour of flippin 6:30 AM!! "SANTA CAME, SANTA CAME!!" You're thinking that quote is from Kloe aren't you? No, its my mom. After about one hour of oohing and ahhing through our stockings, presents are handed out from under the tree and we take turns opening them one at a time. I love this. It prolongs Christmas morning as long as possible. Who doesn't love that Christmas morning feeling. watching everyone open gifts, convinced that everyone loves your gift the most and listening to the tabernacle choir? I spent the rest of the day reading the manual for our new 'Handy Cam',eating, and playing with Kloe and Karly.
My Goodness! This has the potential to be the longest post the world has ever seen. Summarize, summarize. The week after Christmas was a lot like the one before. Lots of shopping and random events. Ty and I took Karly and Kloe to Sea World. A new Killer Whale was born on December 21st and we got to see her do her first show ever. By 'Show' I mean we saw her swim around the tank, but it was still really neat. We had plans another day to go to Mexico, but I had forgotten ID so that was a no go, instead we (Tyler, Me and Kerin) drove down to Old Town, spent 1hr looking for parking, walked around and met up with my parents for dinner. New Year's Eve-Day my dad took Kloe, Karly, Kody, Tyler and I to see a couple of ships docked in down town San Diego. We saw The Star of India (an old merchant ship from the 1800's), a Ferry boat from San Francisco (used 190?-1958), The H.M.S Surprise (Replica of a Frigate from the 1800's used in the making of Master and Commander), and Midway (an aircraft carried used in WWII, Vietnam and I think the Gulf War).
Skipping to the end-- we drove back late on Monday and I took down all the Christmas decorations yesterday. Ty and I were pleased to discover that for once we had managed to leave nothing in the garbage to stink up our apartment. Shout out to Jo and Angela! I miss you guys!


  1. Thanks for the tea and love. It makes me feel better. I'm lovin' you.


  2. After reading your post, I was about to pick up the phone and call you, BUT,I decided not to, hoping that you had fallen asleep by now and I don't want to wake you up (could you not sleep in, or not sleep the whole night until 6 am??). It was awesome to finally get an update! I've missed hearing from you! You're christmas sounded like sooo much fun. Did tyler have a good time too? (I mean, it sure sounded like he did). Did you pick up your present from my house? I was thinking about calling Aubrey and having her drop it off-- so just let me know! I miss you like crazy!!!!!!

  3. fern! your blog update was awesome. Your family is so funny. Especially the part about your mom being the one to yell SANTA CAME! at 6:30am! It sounds like christmas break was a success. How's your foot anyways? Did you hear about the storm that's supposed to come this weekend? Apparently it's like the biggest one since the 50's but all my info is hearsay from the roommies so who knows how accurate it is. I'll talk to you later!