A Minute Wasted is a Small Country Burning in Terror

I don't have much time, but here's a short lil' update. Tyler is taking his last final as we speak, most of my school stuff is pretty much wrapped up, and we'll hopefully be leaving for sunny San Diego within the next hr or two! WOO~HOO~ This morning I woke up and ran out to get Ty some "Sour Punch Bites" as an end-of-finals/good-job snack but as I'm packing, I seem to have already eaten almost half of the bag by myself. oops. Still better than yesterday (I somehow managed to sleep until ONE IN THE AFTERNOON). Besides setting a weekday sleep record, there was one other landmark event yesterday. Angela got her mission call, but if you think I'm about to tell you where she's going you're wrong. Sorry. I can't spill the beans untill she's told everyone she needs to tell. I will however, tell you this...It came yesterday in the mail and then Angela and her sister's Catherine and Lindsey came over to my apartment to open it. I felt really good to be included. Then in celibration of "The Call", Ang and I spent the day hanging out together-aka: eating. That night we topped it all of with a two person dance party. What a day! Alright, that's all I have time for, I've got to get back to packing. Have a Merry Christmas and good luck making sense out of any of this.


  1. FERN! I miss you already! I think you are going to like you're present from me! It's still at my apartment, but I think you'll like it! It sure was great to spend "the call" celebration with you. . . you have a way of making people feel so special!! I feel so lucky to have had you in Provo this semester and spent time with you. You are so much fun! What would I have done without you?! I love ya, Fern! You're the best friend a girl could ask for (and very loyal, which I love). Merry Christmas, Fern!

  2. hello fern, merry christmas :)

  3. FERN!!!
    i dont miss you at all.
    but i still decided to leave this comment on your blog and say...

    ;) love,