Before I Forget

Mack is not a very good liar.
The other morning he came into my room to wake me up and I could tell instantly he'd gotten into something downstairs because he had crumbs all over his face.
"Mack what did you get into?"
"I didn't get into anything."
"Then why is your face all messy?"
"Um, it's not messy. I mean it's just my friends made a mess and I told them to stop it...and I was just cleaning it up."
"Mack, what kind of mess?"
"It wasn't a mess, um...I mean, it was a sea mess. Yeah. Just a sea otter mess, that's it."
I know, it's another boring 'wordy post', written entirely for my own personal enjoyment. Big deal. I'm a busy lady. Get over it.


  1. Your kids (especially Mack) have the most random comments. Sea Otter? Hilarious! If only I could lie like that. :)

  2. I love these kinds of posts. There for my enjoyment too.