If I had a Facebook

Mornings like today are why I keep an emergency stash of Chocolate Costco Muffins in the freezer. Breakfast is served!
I barely resisted eating one myself. Cottage cheese and pineapple? I guess that'll do for now. I don't know why Wallace won't drink a big glass of milk first thing in the morning like my other kids (still not walking). He practically demands steak and eggs every day. This kid LOVES a good hearty breakfast first thing. He does not have time for you to go to the bathroom or put in your contacts. He's like the plant in Little Shop of Horrors. When I tried to give him a cup of milk downstairs he greeted me with a head butt. Good morning to you too!
Mack and Henry somehow managed to put the drying rack --sans clothes-- in Wallace's crib before I was up this morning. That was fun to find. There were a few other fun surprises that I'm too polite to share on the internet. At least no one dumped the powdered sugar and oatmeal out all over the kitchen. Counting my blessings.

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