I Just Can't Hide It!

I'M SO EXCITED! DANNA ALLEN (my high school bff) AND DAVID RIDGE (my ol' neighborhood pal) ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!! Ahh! I'm excited and so happy for them! In fact I think Tyler is getting a little sick of hearing me say "I'm so happy for them". He just looks at me with a I-Know-That-Look saying "You just said that." It's cute. I wish I had a picture of Danna and a picture of David that I could post on here together with a big heart around them. Ahh amore!


  1. wow!
    i'm way out of the loop and didn't even know they were dating. how fun for them! if you see or talk to them, wish them congratulations from me. :)
    and belated congratulations to you as well on your beautiful baby mack. i love reading your updates and seeing pictures.
    hope all is well.
    ~jill :)

  2. Fern, that is so cool. I can't believe they actually did it! That's nuts! I got your message yesterday and I am about to call you back! Love ya and congrats on the great news!

  3. OH MY GOSH! I didn't even know they were together. That's perfect. Holy cow!