Keepin' it Vogue

I forgot to mention that while we were in Seattle, Tyler's dad gave me bangs. I asked him to copy this picture that I found in a french Vogue magazine, so the whole time he was cutting my hair I kept thinking about how vogue I was going to look and all of these dumb saying I twisted to have the word vogue in them:
When Vogue Flies
Vogue to the Max
When in Vogue...
What can I say about my life? It's good. Last Friday Ty and I flew up to Idaho Falls (for free) to go to a Valentine's dance with Jo and Sam. Ty and I didn't have time to get all schmazied up before we left so I curled my hair at the Salt Lake Airport and assembled the rest of my ensemble at the Idaho Falls Airport. It was fun to walk into a public restroom looking like poop and walk out looking ultra fabulouso, as if I was an international spy flying across the nation (for free) for ultra undercover work. Jo and Sam were a tinsy bit late picking us up at the airport but it all turned out okay. We headed over to an Italian place and ate our fill, then ever so fantastically noticing the time, rushed back to the dance in Rexburg (ookalaka, I wanta shock ya... at the DANCE!). Afterwards we hit up the new hot spot in town, Jack 'n' the Box. All in all the evening turned out to be amazing.
Wow! Folks, ladies and gentlemen, I have just made an amazing discovery, apparently if I type specific letters in uppercase in the webdings font, I can make a little town for you all. Amazing!

Sorry for that small distraction. Back to business. Yesterday as I'm sure everyone is aware, was St. Valentine's Day. It didn't start out so nice, I woke up, went to work, and had my worst day there thus far. After work I walked home, and got to have a nice long talk with Jo for about half the way, but after that it rained the rest of the way. My walk took me right past the MTC where I (drenched in rain) mournfully stared though the gates searching for my dear beloved Angela, wondering what she could be doing at this very same moment. ahhh. Once I got home my day did a full 180. Ty had been sweet enough to leave me what we fondly now refer to as a quarter of a dozen roses(3), some chocolate, and a card. I ask you, ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, does anybody have a better husband that mine?
Last night I finished Madame Bovary. OH MY GOODNESS! This is a Great book! Gustave (may I call you Gustave?) has the most amazing way with words. In the introduction (which honestly I found a bit lengthy) it describes how he used to pour over a single page for days. revising and reconsidering every single word in a sentence. While describing Emma's death he actually vomited! Dedication I say! In Reading Lolita in Tehran some of the students wonder why Gustave didn't just end Madame Bovary after Emma's death. To me the answer is clear. By following the consequences of Emma's suicide on Charles and Berthe, I was able to really 'feel for them'. Gustave seems to argue that while death is sad, it is the way in which it effects those who are left behind that is truly tragic. I do (of course) have one complaint about the book, I would really like to know how Emma's second lover, Leon Dupuis, took the news of her death.


  1. immmmmm luv you!



  2. yo fern. Its good to see you're keepin it real with your blog. Last night after swing kids sam and I had another talk. Nothing's changed. We talk soo much! I think it helps him though. He also told me that he reads my blog but never comments. I hate that. I hope you have fun in Lopez! Wish I could be there!