I'm just a Blog Machine...

And I don't Blog for nobody but you! wow, that was cheesy. I can hardly believe myself posting all the live long day. Work was same old same old today, even a little slow. Tyler picked me up and I took a lunch (which I don't really do that often). Ty had hit up Arby's before he came to get me and picked me up some mozzarella sticks. That man really knows how to spoil me. I've been in a bit of a cheesy mood lately, no pun intended.
Seattle was a blast this weekend. I wish I knew how to say 'this weekend' in French. Let me try that again...Seattle was a blast ce week-end. I don't think I stopped eating from the moment we walked in the door to the moment we left. Week-end after next we're flying up there to check out the izzle for a couple days, should be great.

Awww! I miss her already! (as I join the ranks of the plagiarists of the world...Thanks Jo!)


  1. loves for you---happy pre-valentines day---you're mine right?

    love ty

  2. Fern, I like how even though all you did was go to work and have a pretty normal day your life still has spice. I can't believe you're working 10 hour shifts. You're insane.