PUMPkin Patch

Last week we went to FOUR pumpkin patches in five days! I must have lost my mind. First, we took the whole family on Tuesday for a delayed family night. The second time, I went with the boys on Thursday morning-ish for a poorly attended ward play-date. Finally, on Saturday Henry, Wallace and I met up with my parents to check two more patches off the list while Tyler and Mack were off hiking Mt. Pilchuck with the scouts. Henry was cranky on Tuesday and Saturday, but overall they were good times. Like any mother, I forced my children to take an insane number of pictures, and find myself unable to edit it down to just one or two. Enjoy.

Wallace is like this ALL the time! We lucked out with this boy.
Henry's favorite pumpkin.
Mack's favorite pumpkin.
Henry's general attitude towards having his photo taken. I've got a bunch of pictures where his face looks like this.
The wagon was just for the kids. We'd already bought our pumpkins at the grocery store, sorry.
These photos are from the second patch. Henry was in a great mood this time. I cannot get over our cute little Wally! One of these is going in a frame.

Mack and Henry love trying to hold the pumpkins up over their heads to show me their super strength.

Try as I might, I completely failed at getting the boys to look at me while sitting on some bales of hay. They were much more interested in who had the better pumpkin. I learned that Mack is partial to the green, and Henry likes the ones that are "broken".


  1. ah!!! they are so cute! is wallace walking?! i am stealing a picture and making it my computer's background.

  2. i can not believe how cute henry is! i mean they're all cute but henry's beautiful