Why My Back is Sore

I don't even know how to start this.

I locked myself out of the house today.
I was about to leave for Mack's Spanish class this morning and I had Mack and Henry with me down in the garage. I had just buckled Henry into to his car seat and told Mack to hurry up and get his shoes on. I was feeling good about everything, we were about five minutes ahead of schedule and I even had lunches packed for everyone to eat on our way home afterward. I went to go back inside to get Wallace up from his nap -- he was still sleeping in his crib -- and the DOOR WAS LOCKED.
My mind started going to a million miles a minute. I could not believe it. My phone and my keys were sitting inside in the kitchen next to our lunch. I ran out to the front door. Locked. I checked the back door. Locked. I went to all the windows and took the screens down and tried to pry them open, which I knew was hopeless. I went back to my car and found a clothes pin, took it over to the garage door, started praying and tried to unlock it like in the movies. I had no idea what I was doing. I tried the same thing on the front door. About this time I started thinking about which would be cheaper to break, a window or a door. I decided a door. I knew we had various hammers and saws and what-have-you in the garage, but I couldn't think of how any of these things were going to help me since the door is made of metal and the hinges are on the inside. I couldn't really call anyone, Tyler had some very important meetings scheduled today and besides, what could my parents or anyone else do that I couldn't. I did what any desperate mother would do and started throwing my shoulder into the door police-style. I probably tried this about 10 times until, finally, magically, the door swung open! I couldn't believe it! I ran upstairs, got Wallace and our lunches and headed out the door to Mack's class. What a rush! It's taken me nearly all day to calm down and stop shaking. What an ordeal.
Let me tell you, it will NEVER happen again.


  1. That is crazy! I can't imagine how scared you were. So glad you got in without having to saw down the door!

  2. Oh Fern! I feel like this is my life, we should be neighbors, I would have been banging on the door with my whole body too!! Why do things like this have to happen when your feeling so good and on top of things??

  3. What a crazy adventure! I can totally see the look of shock on your face when you actually knocked the door open! haha! I'm sure there's never a dull moment with three boys!!

    BTW: do you still have those cloth diapers? I was hoping you could email me if you do (type, #, size, color etc) because I think I'm interested in giving it a try! Maybe? :) My email is: