We don't eat much cold cereal at our house. Breakfast (for Mack and Henry) is typically one of the following:
  • Oatmeal -straight up with nothin' in it!
  • Zoom -cracked wheat cereal mixed with applesauce, a little brown sugar and a ton of cinnamon
  • Scrambled Eggs -2 per boy with cheese if we've got it
  • Waffles -with peanut butter
  • Pancakes -with peanut butter
  • Leftover Scones -with peanut butter
  • English Muffins -the Multigrain kind from Costco also with peanut butter :)
Breakfast is always consumed with a big glass of whole milk and the occasional banana on the side. If he's home, Tyler will usually make french toast. Yum. I really didn't think our breakfast menu was very diverse until I just typed out that list. However, it's all carbs and grains, so maybe I'm not doing that great after all. My kids love peanut butter, and we switched to the simple stuff with no sugar, just peanuts. I figure its better for them than jam. Right? At least everyone has a full tummy at the end.  Overall, I think we do alright. We try to keep Cheerios or puffed wheat and corn in the pantry for snacks or to take to church in little baggies, sometimes we run out.
But my point is we don't usually eat cereal for breakfast. I don't have anything against eating it, I just kinda forget about it mostly. BUT, right now we're staying at my folks and when we are here the boys LOVE to eat cereal! I noticed this morning as I was asking Henry what kind he wanted for breakfast, that we've made up our own cereal language. The list sounded like this, "Do you want Baseballs?…Chocolate?… Pillows?…"  Baseballs are Kix. Chocolate is Cherrios. Pillows are Life, or Chex, whichever is available. I'm sure lots of other families do this sort of thing, but I just wanted to write it down (or type it out).

By the way, he chose the Baseballs, with no milk and "no fork".

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  1. Your breakfast list gave me some new ideas to feed James... thanks! He had peanut butter for the first time a few weeks ago and he's on track to become as addicted as it sounds like your kids are!

    Have you switched your cellphone number recently? I tried to call you and ask about your double stroller but I got a kid named Ryan on the phone instead. hahaha Anyway, can you call me or email me your number sometime? I'm thinking of buying the Phil & Ted stroller and I was wondering if that's what you have and whether or not you like it.