Mack's Birthday Party

I still haven't adjusted to having 3 kids. Its tough. So Mack's birthday was streamlined. It was held at the nearby children's museum and since the party room has a 'story-bookish' mural and chair, we focused in on a Knight & Dragon theme. Granny made the tasty Knight cake-- it was completely gone by the time we left for California the next day. For a party favor every kid got a sword, which was a big HIT (get it).  For party games all the kids decorated Burger King crowns (which Tyler spray painted gold) with stickers, then I read them a book about a knight and a dragon (each kid also got a copy of the book). I think everyone's favorite activity was the hour or so spent playing in the museum before and after the party. A smashing good time was had by all.

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  1. Great party! and the cake looks better than I remember