Busy Week

We've had quite the busy week around here, but no pictures to show for it.
Monday: Took the whole family to see Toy Story 3. The boys loved it and were all very good for the entire movie. It was cute to see them sitting in their big movie chairs while drinking juice boxes and eating bunny snacks. Henry refused to share his armrests and wanted no distractions. Mack ran up stairs to see if he could catch his toys moving around as soon as we got home. The next day, he asked me why "Lightning-the-Queen" wasn't in the movie.
Tuesday: Mack's last day of Spanish Playschool. I don't know if he really understands that he has no school during the summer and when he goes back in September it won't be the same group or teacher. To celebrate his last day (and a break from driving to Ballard 2x a week for me!) we met up with Kassey and her girls at the zoo. The kids did okay. The weather was nice and they enjoyed looking at the animals but we were all exhausted at the end. Luckily, Tyler took the bus over after work and provided some parenting relief for the last hour or two.
Wednesday: The morning was crazy. Mack pushed Henry down the stairs from the very top (on accident) and I was never able to regain control of the 'home' situation. I packed up the kids and we headed over to my Mom's house. The boys were much more behaved over there and after a lunch and a nap we headed down to the beach for the afternoon. Everyone had a good time, especially Mack who got to ride back up to the house with Grandpa on his motorcycle.
Thursday: Spent the day on Lakes Union and Washington on my Dad's boat with Kassey's family and Karly and Kloe. We even picked up Tyler from work at a dock on the south end of Lake Union. Wallace didn't love the boat. He cried a little and mostly slept. Tyler, Mack and Henry had a mellow tube ride. Then it was Kloe, her friend Sienna, Karly,  and her "friend" Jake" on the tube. I'm still laughing just thinking about Karly's fall on the tube. She flipped up over the back, it was the highlight of my day. Kassey, Tyler and I took a turn on the tube and while my Dad swears he took it easy, we (Kassey and I) were freaking out the entire time. The whole situation was just nuts, I couldn't stop screaming, Kassey's hand was in Tyler's armpit, and Tyler's feet hung off the front of the tube. You had to be there. On the way home we stopped at Five Guys. It was good, but no Shake Shack.
Friday: Today. We're finally taking it low key with Peter Pan, a new no-bake-cookie recipe, naps and laundry. The fathers and sons outing is tonight and I CAN'T WAIT!! I've been looking forward to this night for over Four years. I have might night all planned out--Sushi, chocolate ice cream and BBC period films.

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  1. Fern, I loved this. Especially the part about the Father/son outing! Ha! So, yes! I am pregant (woo hoo!!!! about time???) and I'm due Nov. 20th. Pretty psyched although dealing with some serious indigestion. I'm so excited to join the "mom" crowd!! And btw: I can't believe the family trend you started with your move to Seattle! Looks like the whole bunch has followed suit. Miss you!